Frequenting The Finer Establishments; or, I Spent Way Too Much Time At Rite Aid This Weekend

So you say there’s nothing to do in Kennewick? Well, I’ll have you know I went to Rite Aid–yes, the old Rite Aid behind Columbia Center Mall–not once, but twice this weekend. I hadn’t been in ages, and then suddenly, it was upon me. And oh, was it good.

Friday night found me at a girls night out (yay!) with some friends of mine who work with Derrick and were kind enough to include me in their fun. We started the evening w/dinner (remind me to post later on the female fascination with Applebees appetizers) and then hit “Baby Mama,” which was actually pretty funny (I’ll give it 3 1/2 stars).

**As I’m typing this, Derrick just shoved his new, fancy shmancy running socks in my face, forcing me to smell them after he took a long run. He exclaimed, “These socks are amazing! Even after I run in them, they smell like they just came out of the dryer!” Smelly or not, I do not appreciated just-ran-in-socks shoved in my face. And please see my last post on the word “amazing.”**

Okay. So after Applebee’s and before Baby Mama, we wanted treats for the movie, and why should we pay theater prices when we each had a purse large enough to haul in a package of Oreos and a gallon of milk? So we proceeded, and would you believe me if I told you I spent more on candy than I did on dinner? For real.

Saturday came and D. and I headed out for a blessed night alone. Yummy Thai food and some clothes shopping for Derrick left me with a sweet tooth. We wandered through Fuzziwigs in search of something, but I was too cheap to pay the $4.95 for a handful of Runts. We wanted to spend our last hour out browsing Barnes and Noble and I toyed with the option of a gourmet cookie or cake, but again my humble roots kept me from paying four dollars for a Rice Krispie treat. Well, guess what just happens to sit right across the parking lot of B&N;?

Oh, the ecstasy! My second trek to the great RA in less than 24 hours, and just as much money spent on junk. We returned to Barnes and Noble with our booty in tow, and I flipped through a book entitled (I’m not kidding here), The Taste of Sweet: Exploring our Relationship with our Favorite Treats. I plopped down in a comfy chair and inhaled a package of Neccos in approximately one minute while I read about our nations obsession with sugar. D. was off browsing his own books, and we reunited just in time to split a Kit Kat before heading home. It was a great night, a great weekend, and good eats at a very good price.