Yesterday I was sitting in the doctors office, waiting my turn and flipping through the latest issue of People, I mean, Women’s Health. I came across an article by the beloved Dr. Oz who, in spite of being an Oprah disciple and writing that really boring diet book I tried to read five years ago, has always maintained my respect as an authority on womens’ health.  (I’m sure he’s relieved.)  I’ve long enjoyed reading his sound advice for optimum health and longevity:  Eat more almonds.  Eat less sugar.  Get more ginko.  Get more sleep.  His plan sounds so simple but alas, requires just enough effort on my part that I have contented myself with merely reading about it.  Implementation?  That’s another matter.  I’d like to think that I follow Dr. Oz academically.  It’s a valid position to take, and I fancy myself rather good at it.  

Until now.  Because in yesterday’s trashy mag health journal I discovered, at long last, a Dr. Oz suggestion that I can–that I do–follow, and not just in theory!  It’s called “Energy Management,” and it’s brilliant.  In this article, Dr. Oz explains how, though we often seek “time management” in our lives, what we ought to strive for is “energy management.” This means taking time do things that, though perhaps “unproductive,” are relaxing and


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