No joke.  It cost $14.95.  We never, and I mean never, buy popcorn at the theater.  But tonight–call it carpe diem or plain ‘ole holiday gluttony–the Hub showed up at the seat I was saving him with a big fat bag of the salty stuff.  I was surprised and pleased to see my beloved embracing life in this manner.

“Ooh, popcorn!  To what do I owe?” I raised my eyebrows, smiling as I shoved a greedy fist into the kernels.

“I don’t know, it just sounded good.”

“Awesome!  Fun!”  I’m big on awesomeness and fun-ness, no matter how lame a form they take.

“ was kind of expensive…”

DCF 1.0

“I know, it’s always a ripoff.  How much was it, exact–”  Just then the lights dimmed and a loud preview jumped from the screen, silencing my interrogation.  No matter; I decided to forgive his extravagance and enjoy this rare glimpse of Vacation Derrick on the mainland for a couple of hours.  The movie was good and by the time the credits rolled,