…but she turned nine anyway. Last June, in fact. (Like I said, I’m catching up.)  In nine years, Megan Rae has proven herself to be:

inspired and delighted

a loving and patient big sister

a force on the basketball court (especially under the tutelage of Coach Grandpa)

musically talented; she’s learning the violin while teaching herself the piano

a phenomenal fashionista. this was the 4th of July/Stadium of Fire ensemble. i thought she hit it out of the park.

a gifted maker and keeper of friends

a thoughtful, perceptive, kind, intelligent, funny, clever, responsible, organized, talented, affectionate, compassionate daughter whom our family adores, needs, and is deeply grateful for.

Happy Birthday, Moogley!  As our beloved middle child you really are (in your own words) the cream inside our oreo.

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