I just love a good movie, don’t you?

I am not a film critic or even a movie buff–I miss out on tons of good films and I’m clueless to the hip indie flick scene–but I am a girl from Eastern Washington who likes to be whisked off elsewhere every now and then.  And at no time more than the holiday season, when time and money (or the spending thereof) seem to flow.

Like any narcissistic blogger, I’m going to assume that my opinions here are wanted, or even tolerated.  (Such a cozy bubble we narcissistic bloggers live in.  You should come join me here.)  So, in that vein of self-importance, let me get comfy and offer you the faves and not-so-faves of my 2013 holiday movie spree.  I’ll list them Best to Worst, because that’s easier than alphabetizing them: