Ethan’s, Megan’s, and Rachael’s carving artistry.
To Do Before Friday at 2:30:

  • Create final touches on kids’ costumes, hair and makeup
  • Create costumes for Derrick and I
  • Create oceanic backdrop for ward carnival fishing game
  • Create and decorate two dozen cupcakes with kids (they insist on helping, which really speeds things up)
  • Create presumably contest winning chili
  • Create presumably contest winning cornbread
  • Do not create apple pie.  I really dislike creating apple pie.
  • Create basket of goodies to “boo” our neigbors.  We got boo-ed two weeks ago, and have still failed to respond.  I know.  Ungracious.
  • Create imaginative trunk display for the (freaking) Trunk or Treaters
  • Create stylish yet casually coordinating outfits for family pictures on Saturday morning.  First must purchase such outfits.   
  • Create more money in my checking account.
  • I am not a creative person.  I know many of you reading this are.  Help! And pardon my french (and the pun), but what the freak is going on?  When did Halloween become a quasi-Christmas, complete with a checklist, baking and stress?  Am I the only one feeling the heat?  (I doubt it.)  Despite the to-dos, I think we’ll still have fun. Or at least my kids will.  Hope you do, too.
    Happy Halloween!

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