…but can you blame me?  After months–no, years–of waiting and wishing, today I parted with $5.99 to add this beauty to my kitchen collection:



I have been wanting and needing a meat tenderizer for about a decade.  No kidding.  Every time I had to flatten a chicken breast by pummeling it with my rolling pin, I’d sigh and think, “If only I had a meat tenderizer.”  I’d then take my frustration out on the hapless breast.

Why, you may ask, did I not simply purchase one a long time ago?

a) I kept forgetting, until I was mid-pummel.

b) I would remember just as I was leaving WalMart, and wild horses couldn’t get me to retrace my steps back to the kitchen aisle.  (WalMart’s  bad enough the first time.)

c) Somewhere down deep, I think I clung to the notion that meat tenderizers were reserved for the deluxe kitchen.  I don’t know why.  But don’t they seem fancy?

And so, the coveted Meat Tenderizer became both an object of desire and a symbol of deprivation.  If we think that we can’t have something long enough, that idea settles into our psyche, and we get very comfortable not having it.  We become afraid to obtain it and, subconsciously, keep it out of reach.  Kind of a too-good-to-be-true mentality, you might say.  So it was with me and this dreamy gadget; meat tenderizers were always for other moms.  Until today.

And so, more than the Tenderizer, this post is really about Making Dreams Come True.  What have you been dreaming about for years that would take just a little audacity, a little sass, a little moxy, dare we call it, to make a reality?  Next on my list is a waffle iron.  Don’t ask me why we’ve never had one.  We just haven’t.  But I smell Spring in the air, and with it, a time for change.  For $29.99, the mother of all breakfast appliances could be mine.  It’s gonna happen, my three faithfuls.  I can feel it.  And when it does, you’re all invited over for waffle/flattened chicken breast sandwiches.  If the stars align, there might even be a flour sifter and candy thermometer in my cupboards by then.  But we’ll see.  One dream at a time.


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