Over a year ago I submitted a personal essay to a literary journal called Segullah.  It was about my family, and I was honored to have it selected as one of the winners to appear in the Winter ’09 issue of the magazine.  I’d never considered posting the essay on my blog because it just seemed a little too personal, but after spending a joyful Easter weekend with my family–and thinking a lot about what spending Easter with my family means–I’m in a get-personal-kind-of-mood.  I usually avoid getting too serious on my blog, but today I’m giving in.  Although the subject matter isn’t particularly about Easter, I’ve been thinking today that every subject–everything– is absolutely about Easter.  Especially everything having to do with families.  So it just feels right to share my little story here today.  Thanks for reading it.  I hope your Easter was as lovely, and love-filled, as my own.

From Afar

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