Forget inspirational gobbledy-gook about improving yourself this year.  We really don’t need motivational books or speakers because it’s been my observation that, without exception, bumper stickers act as a calming voice of reason for life’s toughest questions.

Seriously, have you ever read a bumper sticker that didn’t convey wisdom, beseech repentance, or simply ooze with sophistication?  I can see why automobile owners are eager to show off their quick wit and political savvy in this upscale manner.  Any car, no matter how expensive, looks classier with a big, bright bumper sticker tacked on the rear.  The larger the letters, the better.  Swear words are especially engaging.  After my (second) trip to Costco today, I nearly rear-ended a sticker that said it all:

Get out of Hell Free
(John 3:16)

Who needs religion when you’ve got Oprah, Mitch Albom, and bumper stickers?  And to think I’ve invested so much of my time…

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