Chukar success aside, it’s been a rough week

#1: Rachael, my mother, and I had our Spring Piano Recital on Saturday. Rache and Mom played beautifully, but as for me, can you spell s-l-a-u-g-h-t-e-r? I do this every time. No matter how much I practice or how well I know a piece, I cannot play in front of an audience. This time, not only did my hands shake, but my right leg started shaking as I worked the pedal. Of course, the audience was to my right, so they could easily view my shakiness, which made me shake more. My stage fright used to really upset me, but this time I just took it in stride: slaughtered my piece as expected, enjoyed the rest of the recital, then sampled the refreshment table afterwards. So although I’m still making a fool of myself at recitals, I just don’t care too much anymore. Now that’s progress. (If you look closely at this photo, which was taken just before my song, you can see that I’m smiling to keep from crying. But aren’t Rachael and my mom adorable?)

#2: I’m fighting another spring cold (don’t even get me started on the one I had in March)

#3: I gained a pound, probably from gorging on Chukar Cherries (that’s a whole other post), but let’s just use the ‘ole female/retention/cyclical standby.

#4: This fall I have to choose between Obama and McCain. Ugh.

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