Operation Riley

The sleepless nights, fits of despair, and weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are finally over: Riley’s here! If you are not a Curtis, this post may have little interest for you, but it’s big news in the Smith household (and blogging about it gives me an excuse to show off my cute kids.) The girls are having a ball and savoring every minute with their still-best-friend-in-the-world. So far, I think the visit has lived up to expectations:

We started the first day right with Meg’s belated birthday party at “Monkey Dooz,” the most ridiculously overpriced but worth-every-penny little girls’ beauty salon.
They began by dressing up…

Then a careful selection of nail color was agonized over…(do not be fooled by this cheery photo; it took awhile)

Next was the pedicure. (Meg was a little too comfortable in this getup.)

Hair came next. Somehow I think Riley was pleased with hers.

You just don’t see coiffs like this anymore!

Paris and Nicole got nothin’ on us!

Final results. Move over, JonBenet! The girls partying by the pool, which is how they’ve spent most of their week (thank you Shannons!) Here they are by the gool ‘ole mushroom pool while Meg was in lessons.

Megan won the goofiest costume contest the girls held on the trampoline that night. Riley was her costume designer. We think the puffy undies are what secured the title. Thank you, Heather and Randy, for sharing your cutie with us. We’re having such fun! More photos to come soon…

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