Because we are in Southern California among the bronzed and beautiful, Derrick and I have decided that we should take this week to try out one of those meal-replacement plans—you know, when you replace one meal a day with a special drink or shake–to slim down and tone up.  After all, when in Rome, right? I mean, it was getting embarrassing, walking down the beach among the g-stringed set with nothing but our vast intelligence to announce us.

As you can imagine, a myriad of options presented themselves in our search for the perfect package of protein. We perused the lot, argued a little, went back and forth and back and forth, but in the end agreed that there was really only one meal replacement shake that would meet all of our prerequisites, and it could only be found at Cold Stone Creamery. Thus, we spent the week replacing heavy, fattening lunches for the light and cool refreshment of a Cold Stone shake, ice cream cone or, in some cases, a brownie smothered by both. Oh girlfriends, I cannot tell you how good it feels to just skip a meal and keep things light! Never again will I be a slave to my cravings.

So it was at lunchtime yesterday when, standing in front of the glass window while the petite young girl behind heaved the heavy silver mallets to mash up yet another “Chocolate Devotion” for Derrick, the following conversation ensued: