I know I promised seven days of Slum Lord stories but, for the best possible reason, I must abort the mission after only five. Why?

We’ve found a place to live!

And it’s not an apartment or my parents’ house.  No, we decided that a big, beautiful home on a large piece of property, complete with an accompanying pasture, full-size basketball court, nicely finished barn–and a white gabled fence, no less–would suit us nicely this summer, thank you very much.

Remember all my talk about the Universe providing?  Well, provide it did, and as with all things meant to be, everything just fell into place.  To make a long story short:  the nicest couple in the world is moving to Wyoming.  They are moving on the 7th of June.  We have to be out of our house on the 5th.  The lady of the house called me a few days ago and offered to let us stay there until the house sold, which will likely be awhile as it is out of most people’s price range.  But would we mind waiting until the 7th to move in?  she asked.  No, I replied, nearly in tears.  I think we could manage at my parents’ house for a few days.  Oh, good, she said.  Would we mind helping out a bit with utilities and some light dusting, upkeep of the lawn, and so forth?  (Her son would take care of the pasture, of course.)  No, I replied, still in disbelief.  I think we could manage that.  We could probably even be coaxed into caring for the pasture if her son got too busy.  Oh, good, she said.  Would we mind if they had to come home again to retrieve anything they wouldn’t be able to fit in the moving van the first time?  No, I replied, the tears almost spilling over at this point.  I think we could manage a visit from them.

Would we mind?

And on that note, I will also tell you that we don’t mind–don’t mind at all–that we have the kindest friends, neighbors, and ward members on the planet.  As soon as they caught wind of the fact that we were looking for a place to stay, people I rarely even see were calling and texting me, telling me about ads they’d seen, deals they’d found, co-workers who could help us out.  I don’t know if I’d take the time to peruse ads for somebody else.  I hope in the future I will.  It is humbling to see how thoughtful some people are.  And inspiring.  And, in my case, highly educational.

And so the days of slum lording are over and the days of high living begin.  The only problem with this whole arrangement is that when we finally do move into our new home, it will be quite a step down.  My sweet (new best) friend laughed when I told her that, and said, “Sorry…that’s one thing I can’t help you with.”  And so she can’t.  But I’ll forgive her, since she’s helped me with everything else.

Hooray for nice friends with houses and friends with nice houses.  But mostly, hooray for nice friends with nice houses. I hope one day to be as generous to someone else as they’ve been to us.