All the Light We Cannot See spills into this book.

All the Light We Cannot See <small class="subtitle">spills into this book.</small> thumbnail

Have you read this?  If not, please do.  Then call me and we'll talk about how Frederick broke our hearts. Beautifully written and beautiful to read.  I loved it. The end.

Blood is the new black.

Yesterday I was wrapping up our seminary lesson with my testimony of obedience, ending what I felt was a good discussion and on a nice spiritual note.  The kids seemed to be watching me with an unusual level of interest, so [...]

As for me and my house, we will push play.

As for me and my house, we will push play. thumbnail

Every morning we begin our seminary class with a "devotional," which is a scripture and thought shared by one of my students.  It's a way for the kids to dig into the scriptures and share what they know and is, in my [...]

Pick your passion. just one, now

Pick your passion. <small class="subtitle">just one, now</small> thumbnail

I miss writing.  Like, a lot. I miss it like a runner misses her morning jog or a young mom misses talking to her sister on the phone; I can't get my mojo without it.   A writer not writing is like [...]


Gravioli thumbnail

Eighteen months ago, my darling daughter gave me this darling book for my birthday: It's a sweet little volume with spaces to write just a few words about each day of your life for up to five consecutive years.  It was [...]