Dear Sleep: I miss you. Please come visit.

Dear Sleep:  I miss you. <small class="subtitle">Please come visit.</small> thumbnail

Everybody’s talking about this new drug called Sleep.  Apparently it works miracles. SLEEP is all over the internet, the news shows, the bookstores, even the pamphlets at the doctor’s office:  Get More Sleep!  Sleep, they’re telling me, improves cognitive function, mood, [...]

All the Light We Cannot See spills into this book.

All the Light We Cannot See <small class="subtitle">spills into this book.</small> thumbnail

Have you read this?  If not, please do.  Then call me and we'll talk about how Frederick broke our hearts. Beautifully written and beautiful to read.  I loved it. The end.

Blood is the new black.

Yesterday I was wrapping up our seminary lesson with my testimony of obedience, ending what I felt was a good discussion and on a nice spiritual note.  The kids seemed to be watching me with an unusual level of interest, so [...]

As for me and my house, we will push play.

As for me and my house, we will push play. thumbnail

Every morning we begin our seminary class with a "devotional," which is a scripture and thought shared by one of my students.  It's a way for the kids to dig into the scriptures and share what they know and is, in my [...]

Pick your passion. just one, now

Pick your passion. <small class="subtitle">just one, now</small> thumbnail

I miss writing.  Like, a lot. I miss it like a runner misses her morning jog or a young mom misses talking to her sister on the phone; I can't get my mojo without it.   A writer not writing is like [...]