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Eighteen months ago, my darling daughter gave me this darling book for my birthday: It's a sweet little volume with spaces to write just a few words about each day of your life for up to five consecutive years.  It was [...]

Here comes the sun. it's alright, it's alright.

Here comes the sun. <small class="subtitle">it’s alright, it’s alright. </small> thumbnail

I’ve felt a little scruffy this brand new year.  The snow and ice sit-in was fun at first, but by Monday night I was ready to put the kids in a sled and push it---gently, mind you---down the nearest hillside [...]

It’s that moment when you’re asked to be an early morning Seminary teacher… and you smile and say "yes."

It’s that moment when you’re asked to be an early morning Seminary teacher… <small class="subtitle">and you smile and say “yes.”  </small> thumbnail

At first you think, "Wow.  I must be pretty sharp.  They asked me to teach early morning Seminary." Then, through an unintentional but utterly reliable grapevine, you start to suspect that you were second, or third, or maybe even fourth choice for this [...]

A case for loneliness and snozzberries.

A case for loneliness <small class="subtitle">and snozzberries.</small> thumbnail

Do you remember the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Mr. Wonka is showing the children his “lickable wallpaper?”   He points out each row of colorful fruit, excitedly explaining that oranges taste like oranges, strawberries taste like [...]

Flunking summer. I had visions. Really I did.

Flunking summer. <small class="subtitle">I had visions.  Really I did.</small> thumbnail

What are your kids doing right now, on this beautiful August morning with the sun high, the sky blue, the day ripe with possibility?  What are your kids doing with this golden orb of time---summer time---that spills like sunshine through [...]