Your guide to a killer weekend in killer Kennewick. written at 6 am with no edits. beware.

Your guide to a killer weekend in killer Kennewick. <small class="subtitle">written at 6 am with no edits.  beware.</small> thumbnail

1.  Order warm, sunny, glorious spring weather.  Check. View from my bedroom window.  Love. 2.  Spend Friday morning at the computer finishing your warm, sunny, glorious ebook.  Check.  (More on that later.  Excited!) 3.  Spend Friday afternoon getting mani-pedi at [...]

Making up with Writing (she can be so stubborn.)

Making up with Writing <small class="subtitle">(she can be so stubborn.)</small> thumbnail

Last week, while lounging about in at-the-coast spring break mode I decided that, upon returning home, I would write every weekday morning from five to seven a.m.  (Is it redundant to use "a.m." and  "morning?" in the same sentence?  Sorry.) [...]

Dear reader of my blog this letter is for you.

Dear reader of my blog <small class="subtitle">this letter is for you.</small> thumbnail

To my dearest, darling, dazzling reader of strayjuniormint, I've been meaning to write to you for some time.  Forgive the tardiness of this letter, but whenever I sit down to key it, I get distracted by musings over good books, [...]

5 More Bad Remakes can't believe I forgot to include these last time...

1.  Annie.  This is another one I won’t watch out of principle, for reasons too many to list here.  But one reason is enough:  anyone other than Carol Burnett playing Miss Hannigan is a travesty, my friends---travesty!  And anyone other [...]

The Busy Badge Do you wear it?

The Busy Badge <small class="subtitle">Do you wear it?</small> thumbnail

After a long winter of piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, karate lessons, three different basketball teams, cub scouts, Young Womens, and various cleaning and decorating projects, I found myself, this afternoon, with two hours of free time. Two whole [...]