Bella Voce Part III -ish. (because i didn't actually go.)

Bella Voce Part III <small class="subtitle">-ish.  (because i didn’t actually go.)</small> thumbnail

With the cooler weather and changing leaves comes, in my world, an even more striking sign of autumn:  the October meeting of Bella Voce.   In case you haven't read my blog or just don't know the inner workings of my heart and soul, Bella Voce is [...]

Life after Life is page after page...of perfection.

Life after Life <small class="subtitle">is page after page…of perfection.</small> thumbnail

Don't ask me what this book is about, because I'll answer you all wrong.  I'll try to explain how a young woman, Ursula, is born into a wealthy English family and is allowed the rare privilege of living and dying and [...]

It’s not that there’s nothing to write about. It's that there's too much to write about.

It’s not that there’s nothing to write about. <small class="subtitle">It’s that there’s too much to write about.</small> thumbnail

And how do I begin to describe it? The hurry, the noise, the talking, the people.  So many people to write about:  teenager, father, grandmother, child; how they all topple and spill and swirl into each other.  How time spins like [...]

Rodeo Drive the Las Vegas of shopping.

I spent today walking up and down and through Rodeo Drive.  It was fun.  And funny. Fun because it was a bright, beautiful day in Beverly Hills and no matter who you are or how aloof you try to be, no one can [...]

Protecting our kids from pornography is so un-fun to talk about.

A few nights ago, my husband and I attended a class about pornography. Oh, how I hate that word.  I hate hearing it, I hate saying it, and I really, really hate writing it on this blog, which is supposed to [...]