Bella Voce IV, Part II: meeting my Fan. I have one! I have one!

Meeting Geraldine Brooks was just the beginning.  Last Thursday at Bella Voce, I met---get ready for it---a fan.  As in:  someone who doesn't know me but likes my work.  As in, like, a fan! I've never had a fan before. Sure, since [...]

Bella Voce IV: Meeting Geraldine Brooks Fin. all. y.

Let's start at the beginning.  Last Thursday morning I woke at 5 a.m. with a beat in my heart and a skip in my step; it was Bella Voce  day!  And not just any ordinary Bella Voce day (although there's no such [...]

The day I went to court in my pajamas was the day before I met Geraldine Brooks.

It was the day before I was due to go to Bella Voce.  It was, for lack of better phrasing, the day before The Most Glamorous Day of My Life. In other words, it was today. Let me explain how [...]


Oh, Envy. You are such an unwelcome guest at my table, yet it is I who keep inviting you to sit down. You eat ravenously--scrape my cupboards and my dishes bare---but you are never satisfied.  You always want more.  You [...]

My own year of wonders started with this book.

And if it's any indicator, 2015 is looking good. Forget family, fudge, and fa-la-las; the best part about Christmas break is staying up late to read. And boy did I read---a few good books, in fact---but this is the one that kept me up [...]