A case for loneliness and snozzberries.

A case for loneliness <small class="subtitle">and snozzberries.</small> thumbnail

Do you remember the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Mr. Wonka is showing the children his “lickable wallpaper?”   He points out each row of colorful fruit, excitedly explaining that oranges taste like oranges, strawberries taste like [...]

Flunking summer. I had visions. Really I did.

Flunking summer. <small class="subtitle">I had visions.  Really I did.</small> thumbnail

What are your kids doing right now, on this beautiful August morning with the sun high, the sky blue, the day ripe with possibility?  What are your kids doing with this golden orb of time---summer time---that spills like sunshine through [...]

Where’d you go, Bernadette? To the top of my summer reading list, that's where.

Where’d you go, Bernadette? <small class="subtitle">To the top of my summer reading list, that’s where.</small> thumbnail

I have so much to tell you about our move to Camas:  our new house (love), new neighborhood (love), new town (love) and all the new people we've met (lovelovelove).  But before I get into all of that, I cannot [...]

Bella Voce with Tracy Kidder. Fabulous and awkward. As usual.

Bella Voce with Tracy Kidder. <small class="subtitle">Fabulous and awkward.  As usual.</small> thumbnail

Tracy Kidder--ever heard of him?  I bet you have, seeing as he's written, among other things: about a man who escapes civil war and genocide in Brundi, arrives in America with $200, and eventually graduates from Columbia Medical school; and about [...]

Five ways to leave town with a touch of Class. hint: duct tape is involved

Five ways to leave town with a touch of Class. <small class="subtitle">hint:  duct tape is involved</small> thumbnail

It's no secret that at our house, we struggle with Life.  Adulthood often confuses us, and things that go smoothly for other first-world families are constantly beating us into a messy---and generally expensive---pulp. I sometimes imagine how dignified our life in [...]