12 Rules for Life

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So by now you’ve probably hear of Jordan Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life:  An Antidote to Chaos.  He is all over social media and the news outlets and is surprisingly controversial.  (I think it’s because he says men [...]

Buildable Volume Mascara, or: It works! It all works. it DOES

Buildable Volume Mascara, or:  It works!  It all works. <small class="subtitle">it DOES</small> thumbnail

Lately, my fortysomething body hasn’t given my eyelashes much love. I’m not gonna lie, I used to have really long eyelashes.  As  with my really long toes, I’d always considered them one of my better features.  Stepping out in flip-flops [...]

A Bob Ross Christmas

The most coveted gift received in the Smith home for Christmas 2017 wasn’t wireless earphones or a pair of Nike Zoom Vapors.  It was this: A Bob Ross Chia Pet! Could you die?  Like a standard Chia Pet isn’t cha-cha [...]

The (second) most wonderful time of the year.

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Who ever said the “most wonderful time of the year” was Christmastime? A dad, that’s who.  I’d bet my figgy pudding on it. Ask any mom when the most wonderful time of the year is and her answer will be [...]

Quiet please.

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I'm gonna say it:  I've been crabby lately.  Snippy, snappy, irritated and crabby. I'm not sure why---maybe it's the startup of the early mornings that I'm not quite used to, maybe it's the cooling weather (not a fan), maybe it's [...]