First day of school blues. Not.

Exactly one year ago, I wrote about how difficult it was for me to watch my children start another year of school.  I bemoaned the bittersweet nostalgia of another year gone by, the harsh reality of babies-turning-toddlers-turning-children-turning-teenagers, all of which had [...]

Three cheers for Starting Over. the art of which is oft-ignored

Three cheers for Starting Over. <small class="subtitle">the art of which is oft-ignored</small> thumbnail

My eyes flew open at 4:30 this morning with a single, panicked thought.  Cold water down my neck could not have woken me more rudely than this particular thought did on this particular morning.  What insight, you may ask, was vital enough [...]

Proust can wait but Uno can't.

Proust can wait <small class="subtitle">but Uno can’t.</small> thumbnail

I know I've been sketchy on the blog front as of late.  I thought about writing a long, desperate post listing all the reasons I've failed to write, but why bore you with the same litany of excuses I unload [...]

Bella Voce the sequel

Bella Voce <small class="subtitle">the sequel</small> thumbnail

It's that time of year again,  when my beloved Bella Voce whisks me away from the drone of small town life and catapults me, like a babe in the woods, into the glittering world of the literary elite.  Oh, the [...]

What I learned this Mothers Day or rather, what I was reminded of.

What I learned this Mothers Day <small class="subtitle">or rather, what I was reminded of.</small> thumbnail

I'm lucky to be a churchgoing woman on any given Sunday, but on no Sunday am I luckier to sit in the pew, a pink-cheeked child on either side of me, than I am on Mothers Day.  I cannot imagine [...]