Five ways to leave town with a touch of Class. hint: duct tape is involved

Five ways to leave town with a touch of Class. <small class="subtitle">hint:  duct tape is involved</small> thumbnail

It's no secret that at our house, we struggle with Life.  Adulthood often confuses us, and things that go smoothly for other first-world families are constantly beating us into a messy---and generally expensive---pulp. I sometimes imagine how dignified our life in [...]

Oh Mean Moms, do shut up.

Oh Mean Moms, do shut up. thumbnail

If I read one more article, column, or blog post written by a "Mean Mom and Proud of It," I may just get a little mean myself.  I've tried to ignore this ridiculous new badge of honor that's been flashing [...]

My small life is all packed up.

My small life <small class="subtitle">is all packed up.</small> thumbnail

I turned seven the week after my family moved from Caldwell, Idaho to Kennewick, Washington.  Mom, steering a Buick loaded with toys, clothes and kids, followed Dad as he drove the U-haul across three hundred desert miles that seemed a thousand exotic ones to my dreamy-eyed self.  Our destination met, [...]

Five things I love about my new set of falsies. no, not THOSE kind of falsies...

Five things I love about my new set of falsies. <small class="subtitle">no, not THOSE kind of falsies…</small> thumbnail

Last Friday afternoon, on an uncharacteristic but exhilarating whim, I decided to get me some eyelash extensions.  I'm still not sure how it happened, but it may have had something to do with the half-price coupon in my gmail and an [...]

The Goldfinch flies high...and low. (but in a good way)

The Goldfinch <small class="subtitle">flies high…and low.  (but in a good way)</small> thumbnail

Finishing a great book---even a sad book---fills me with a kind of geeky exhilaration that I can only compare with finally being invited to sit at the Cool Table in the seventh grade cafeteria.  (Okay, so maybe it only happened in my [...]