Oh, Envy. You are such an unwelcome guest at my table, yet it is I who keep inviting you to sit down. You eat ravenously--scrape my cupboards and my dishes bare---but you are never satisfied.  You always want more.  You [...]

My own year of wonders started with this book.

And if it's any indicator, 2015 is looking good. Forget family, fudge, and fa-la-las; the best part about Christmas break is staying up late to read. And boy did I read---a few good books, in fact---but this is the one that kept me up [...]

The last week of December quiet and kind.

The last week of December <small class="subtitle">quiet and kind.</small> thumbnail

The last week of December is my favorite week of the year. Despite---or maybe because of---my flighty nature, I savor the silent march of days that escort out the old year and make space for the new.  This humble piece of [...]

Christmas in the calm. yes, it's possible.

Christmas in the calm. <small class="subtitle">yes, it’s possible.</small> thumbnail

On December first, I said a prayer. It wasn't a prayer for the homeless or the hungry or PeaceOnEarthGoodwillToMen.  It was a prayer for me, and only me. Selfish, I know, but I needed it.  And so I said it. I [...]

I just finished reading “Wonder.” now excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.

I just finished reading “Wonder.” <small class="subtitle">now excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.  </small> thumbnail

You read it, didn't you? You cried your eyes out, didn't you? I did.  I read it.  I loved it.  I cried my eyes out. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this story; Wonder is a book for the [...]