Your alter ego.

As I write this post, a gorgeous spring rain beats against the large, recently washed (!) window over my computer.  Spring rain is a thing of beauty, don’t you think?  It’s my very favorite weather of the year.  If only we’d get some lightening, then I could pretend to be Frauleine Maria and my kids would come jump into bed with me–the bed that was made by our maid so I had time to sing all day with the children, naturally.

This la-la-lovely train of thought got me remembering a fun board game we played a few years ago with some good friends.  One of the questions we were each asked was:  if you could be any fictional character, who would it be?  Without pause, I chose Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail.  Owning a quirky but lovely bookshop in NYC while being pursued by the richest man on the west side, who just happens to be funny and handsome in an adoring, non-rich-man kind of way?  Sign me up.

But one of my friends chose Maria Von Trapp, and I thought that was a darn good second choice.  If owning your own business doesn’t work out, ain’t nothin’ wrong with marrying into some serious family money.  Wait, did I just write that?  I meant to write:  it would be so fulfilling, raising all those darling children as my own while falling deeply in love.  (With the richest man in Austria, who just happens to be funny and handsome in an adoring, non-rich-man kind of way.)  Yeah.  Sign me up.

So what I want to know is:  who would you be?

Anyone fictional.  Anyone.  Which means:  you cannot choose me.   (I know.  Sorry.)


I don’t like to brag, but I must tell you that…

after a mere eighteen months in my new home, I have officially learned how to set my air conditioning unit. For an entire week at a time, no less.

I know comparing yourself to “perfect” people you read about on blogs may be an issue for you.  I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to add to your sense of inadequacy.

But as I’ve said so many times:  I must speak truths, and only truths, in this forum.  It is what it is, and I cannot pretend otherwise.

What an empowering experience. Suddenly, midlife doesn’t look so bad.