I ran out of moisturizer a week ago and keep forgetting to pick some up at the store, so I’ve been using the only lotion I have lying around:  my sunless tanner.  I normally use this in the summertime to augment the bit of natural color I get swimming with the kids (read: laying by the pool, ignoring the kids) and I usually wean myself off of it come fall.  But I  keep forgetting to go buy some real face cream, so every morning I’ve been slathering this stinky stuff  on my dry skin, telling myself this is “the last time” I’ll use it, since today I’ll buy some real face cream.  And every day, I fail to buy some real face cream.  The cumulative effects of this twice-a-day-tanning are beginning to show.

In other words:  my face is orange. Like a pumpkin.  But a happy pumpkin, with no missing teeth.

Please don’t judge. And happy harvest to you all! May your pumpkins grow to be as orange as I.