Ethan, to me, this week:

1.  Mom, when is eight seven central?

2.  In the car: Mom, can you turn on Lady Gaga?

3.  In response to my declaration of absolute, undying love for him:

“Well, Mom,  just because you love me more than anything in the world doesn’t mean that I have to love you more than anything in the world.”


At least I’ll make up for ignoring Ethan by putting him up in a big fancy house this weekend.  That kind of stuff means a lot to little kids, you know.

8 thoughts on “a few statements suggesting that maybe I’ve spent too much time packing this week, and not enough time with my five-year old.

  1. Love the Lady Gaga one. My 8 year old told me I was at the VERY bottom of his list of nice people. He gives me daily updates on where I have moved on the list. Sometimes it’s up, and sometimes it’s down!
    Fun, fun times with kids!

  2. many funny things about this. #1: i have wondered my entire life what 8/7 central means, i still don’t get it and was actually deeply pondering it just a couple of days ago. #2 while carting my niece and nephews around to various things while my sister was out of town, their favorite song on the mix cd in the van was lady gaga. love her music, but if you watch 20 seconds of any of her music videos you’ll feel like you need to visit the bishop (easy for you).

  3. I should have told you to send him over here. I spent the last 2 full days entertaining my friend’s 5 yo. boy…another boy actually would have made it much easier (though Georgia certainly played in her fair share of mud and collected just as many slugs and pillbugs). Although…Ethan probably would have been just as frustrated with me for not knowing how to run all the boys’ video/computer games…I have honestly never felt so incompetent 🙂

    Oh, and Georgia thought I was a rock star when I bought a ‘house with real STAIRS!’ I wasn’t as cool as I would have been if it had a basement too though.

    Do you want him to come over tomorrow/the next day or the next day? Georgia was already teary eyed over Austin withdrawals by dinner…

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