This morning, Ethan came into my room and crawled into bed with me, flopping down for a giant, good-morning bear hug.  It was heavenly.  He was warm and groggy and just barely young enough, I knew, to still want to snuggle with his dorky old mom.  He’s my last child and will turn six in a few months.  These moments are quickly disappearing, I thought, and all the better because of it.  I wanted to stay there all day, hugging him and kissing that massive, sweaty white head.  I lay in bed, swimming in these tender thoughts and wondering what I could say to show him the fullness of my heart.  I then felt something tickle me, and looked down to see that he was burrowing his nose directly under my arm.  I heard a muffled cry come up from under the covers, and couldn’t quite understand what he was saying.

“It mulls fulov marmpis ineere!”

“What was that, honey?”  I smiled.  This was all so sweet.

“I said, grosss!  It smells full of armpits in here!”

Ah.  They grow up so fast.

I’d give anything to slow it down.

3 thoughts on “a.m.

  1. Hillarious! I will have to tell you what my oldest daughter said about my breath one morning. It’s one that needs to be said rather than typed. It was a real winner! Nothing like your children building your self esteem!

  2. How gorgeous is Ethan?! Look at those amazing eyes. I miss him and I miss all of you. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas. Have you found the perfect phase to freeze time? I think about that as my kids get older. I say to myself, “If I could just freeze time right now I would be content forever.” There have been many phases pass by that I thought would be the perfect “freezing” time. I guess the blessing is that even though perfect times pass, another great phase is just around the corner. Miss you!

  3. My baby is 8. She still sits on my lap even though she’s uber tall. I love those moments. It’s fun, too, when I’m singing to my girls and they remind me I have bad breath. Gotta love it.

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