7 thoughts on “Coming to Grips.

  1. I’m Coming To Grips with how incredibly talented you are. Your story was so funny and clever and true. You have such a gift – thank you for sharing it!

  2. you have this gift to tell interesting and funny stories about things the rest of us take for granted. i love target, but could not have found the words to do it justice, the way you did.
    i am a jen fan.

  3. Delightful. I was at Targ last night and loved it. Cracking up as usual at your witty writing!

  4. I love you Jenn!!! This made my day. Seriously I was feeling like crap when I woke up and now I’m laughing and thinking about how much I love target and friends that love target and their diet pepsi’s! Honestly I’m surprised I haven’t run into you there. I go probably 3 times a week! Its where I go when I am homesick, which is more often than not! I love you!

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