Take a good long look.  Don’t you feel better about yourself already?  Consider the above a jolly little present from me to you.

Should you find yourself a tad grouchy this December, just glance at this photo and know that it could always be worse:  you could be me.  Trying to learn the ukulele from a smiling, gorgeous young native who, though an instructor at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, surely must also have been the 2013 Miss Hawaiian Tropic winner, she was so gracefully gorgeous (which is, in all honesty, what was really troubling me here.)

I know I’m old.  I know I’m wrinkled.  I know I don’t grasp new concepts as easily as I once did.  Of that I don’t need to be reminded–not by Miss Hawaiian Tropic or anyone else, like oh, I don’t know…my own husband, for instance, who thought it’d be hilarious to post this on facebook without consulting me.

Now that it’s out there, I’ve no choice but to own it.

Mele kaliki (freaking) maka, everybody.