Anyone read this Sheri Dew book? Can’t say that I have, but I’d love a copy if you want to send it to me. It crossed my mind this afternoon, because I was thinking about how not-hard–I’d even venture to say blessed–my life really is:

  • Last Sunday was a really great day at church and home. Don’t you just love these (somewhat rare) Sundays? I taught Relief Society and am still kind of on that high you get when a lesson is out of your hair. Had a good dinner, had the missionaries in our home with a wonderful investigator, had our first official “Family Council.” (hint: do not start by telling your three children, who have been harassing you for a puppy for the last two years, that this is a time they can “bring up anything that’s on their mind.” Trust me.)

  • I spent this Tuesday morning getting my hair done and perusing the sale racks of Fred Meyer while my good friend Stacey watched Ethan. (It’s the Kennewick version of a day at the spa followed by Nordstrom, but I Take What I Can Get.)

  • Ethan asked me to give him a mohawk this morning. Dad usually puts the kibosh on this, deeming it “goofy.” I, on the other hand, agree with Adam Sandler: “Goofy is the new Handsome.” And Derrick was at work this morning, so while the cat’s away…

When I was finished, Ethan looked at himself in the mirror and said “Mom, is this a flowhawk?” I had no answer. I’m finding that I really don’t know what a flowhawk is. But I think it may go something like this…

Uncanny. And don’t think Ethan wouldn’t be all over the cigs if they were available.

  • Last night, we had some good friends over for pizza and Pseudo-FHE. When you just can’t face cooking dinner or planning home evening for your family on a Monday night, Pseudo-FHE is a very manageable, guilt-free way to go. Simply find some of your favorite people in the ward and invite them over for pizza. You’ve now taught your children an invaluable lesson on fellowshipping. Gorge on pizza (take out; don’t you dare do homemade!), then stick Enchanted in for your kids while you and your friends talk and play games, uninterrupted for a solid ninety minutes. If your friends bring cookie dough for dessert, like ours did, even better. You see how it all works out? Everyone eats (family dinner, per church counsel), everyone is in the same room together (family [at] home, per church counsel), it’s at night (evening…per church counsel?) and alot more fun than listening to one of Mom’s crafty, charty, laminated lessons. Follow my rationale on this and like I said…easy, peezy, lemon-(guilt free)-squeezy.

  • Yesterday I was on the phone with my sister. She was putting dishes away while talking to me. She digressed from her story just long enough to mention that there were small curds on her cake pan that she thought might be mice poop. Hopefully not, though. Mice poop. She was calm, almost disinterested, and got back to telling me her story. How does this little anecdote pertain to posting on my blessed life? A few years ago, mice poop would have caused my sister to call an exterminator, a realtor, and a lawyer. I think many of my irresponsible escapades horrified her orderly sensibilities, although she always reacted discreetly. My neatfreak, on-the-ball, Type A sister (and I mean that in a loving way, Jaim) is, after three kids, finally crossing over to the dark side, where mice poop–and any poop, for that matter–is of minimal concern. Welcome to my world, little sis. You may forget your keys, your kids, and where you are, but I guarantee you’ll like it here.

  • I am worried that my stylist colored my hair too dark this time. I asked for lowlights, but they look like lowdarks to me. My scrupulously attentive seven-year old noticed my new ‘do right away and said “Your hair looks different.” I expressed my concern about the dark color, and she immediately reassured me.

“Actually Mom, it looks better this way. Before, I mean it was kind of blonde and there were dark stripes in it and, well, you know…it just looked kind of really blond and brown and, you know…” She smiled nervously.
“Bleached-out and scraggly?”
“Yeah,” she gushed, relieved that I’d said the words for her. Of course, knowing how horrible my hair looked before makes me all the more confident in the way it looks now. Derrick then came home and, surprisingly, noticed my darker tone, too. He said, “Your hair looks really nice. It’s very thinning.”
“What do you mean, like my hair’s getting thinner?”
“No, it makes you look thinner.”
“I don’t know, it just makes your face look thinner or something, somehow…I don’t know…” His voice wisely trailed off at this point as he edged away from the kitchen counter where I stood in front of a large block of knives.

Such are my family’s versions of compliments. Apparently, I went from a bleached-out, fat-faced blonde to a silky, svelte brunette in the space of two hours. As I stated earlier, however, I’ll Take What I Can Get. Hence, their devoted praise makes the post. Last fun thing in my not-so-hard life?

  • My parents brought us back chocolate covered Macadamia nuts from Hawaii. They are my favorite. Guess I’d better schedule another cut and color soon.

7 thoughts on “If Life Were Hard, It Wouldn’t Be This Easy

  1. Jaimy,
    I’ll take a dinner cooked by you–poopy mice or no–over dinner at someone else’s house any day. Case in point: I have two pounds to show for spending four days at your house last week. The yum factor was worth every ounce, though!

  2. Still nasted-out by mice. No longer willing to put precious energy into being freaked out by the poop. And not willing to interrupt a good converstaion with my amazing sister to talk about it. If there is one among us he’s hiding himself well-thank goodness! Who wants to come over for dinner?!


  3. I hear ya, Melissa. I should just go “natural,” but the problem is…natural is mousy/ugly on me! So it’s either that, or bleached/fake. I just know there is a perfect, golden color somewhere in the middle…

    I think your hair looks fantastic as is. I like it blonde. But I know…the maintenance is a pain, not to mention expensive. Already excited to see you guys!

  4. When I come to visit I can teach you all about making life easier – mac and cheese, corn dogs, tomato soup when I am home alone with the girls we eat very lame! You always make everything look and sound so easy!

    I want to see the dark hair – I am so wanting to go all natural but it takes forever! Augh!

  5. I’ve always thought my life was so blessed and everything was relatively easy,but then I realized that might be on account of two reasons…
    1. Heavenly Father can’t trust me to take on the big challenges, or
    2. There’s a big doozy lingering around the corner.
    I really hope it’s the first one. I’m okay with my mediocrity.

  6. Ethan looks just like smokin’ baby on the album with his fauxhawk, or flowhawk. You should really get him into a band.

    Please post the new dark ‘do. It sounds so cute! But it was cute before.

    I love hearing about Jamie and mice poop.

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