These are the kind of weekends I love. A little fun, a little work, a little relaxation. Alot of sun, alot of friends, alot of family. Not alot of errands.

I have but one minor complaint about this weekend, and it ‘s about some serious attachment issues concerning the following:

For the past four years, this shirt has covered my back during housework, late night videos, reading in bed and cooking things with red sauce. It also covered my belly during post-baby bodydom and ’round the clock nursing.  I bought it at Old Navy for approximately five dollars right after I had Ethan. It was loose, cool, comfy, and, as you can see, terribly flattering. It has been my trusted friend and companion these long years of Ethantoddlerhood, and it is not without a lump in my throat that I bid it farewell tonight.

I discovered several rather large holes in its front panel today, and I wondered: how long had they been there? Weeks, months, years? I wouldn’t know; I generally avoided mirors when wearing this shirt. I decided that stumbling upon these holes tonight may have been the Universe telling me that it was, in fact, time to let go. (Vanity certainly wasn’t going to do it.) And so with trembling fingers I pack  Good ‘Ole Purple into my Goodwill bag and send it soaring into the great beyond. May it grace another mother’s menial tasks (read: life) the way it has graced mine.

3 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. As I read your sad tale of the shirt, I realized that perhaps I could salve the festering wound. I have in my posession the pin strip Irish flannel shirt I bout in Sunriver for $40.00 I received for listening to the Condo salesman while on vacation. It has did it's time in both your closet and mine and I believe Julie still borrows it occasionally and returns it unlaundered. However, she is relatively clean most of the time.
    Let me know if it interests you and it easily hides a few nights of pigging out.
    Of course you will have to listen to my Amway presentation to get it!
    Love, Mom
    PS don't even think of taking it if you won't keep it and love it.

  2. I also discovered some holes in one of my favorite shirts this weekend. It is the only memento I have of my graduation from BYU, other than my diploma, of course (useless). I told Doug that I thought maybe it was time to get rid of it and all I got was a blank stare that said, "Really, you're just now realizing that?" And sorry I'm reading your post 2 months late!

  3. I laughed so hard as I am looking forward to grabbing a baggy shirt and scrubs after dinner! I would get them on now but I feel guilty getting “relaxed” before dinner! Good for you Jen – now you have to go out and get another shirt!

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