Chukar success aside, it’s been a rough week

#1: Rachael, my mother, and I had our Spring Piano Recital on Saturday. Rache and Mom played beautifully, but as for me, can you spell s-l-a-u-g-h-t-e-r? I do this every time. No matter how much I practice or how well I know a piece, I cannot play in front of an audience. This time, not only did my hands shake, but my right leg started shaking as I worked the pedal. Of course, the audience was to my right, so they could easily view my shakiness, which made me shake more. My stage fright used to really upset me, but this time I just took it in stride: slaughtered my piece as expected, enjoyed the rest of the recital, then sampled the refreshment table afterwards. So although I’m still making a fool of myself at recitals, I just don’t care too much anymore. Now that’s progress. (If you look closely at this photo, which was taken just before my song, you can see that I’m smiling to keep from crying. But aren’t Rachael and my mom adorable?)

#2: I’m fighting another spring cold (don’t even get me started on the one I had in March)

#3: I gained a pound, probably from gorging on Chukar Cherries (that’s a whole other post), but let’s just use the ‘ole female/retention/cyclical standby.

#4: This fall I have to choose between Obama and McCain. Ugh.

12 thoughts on “Lowlights

  1. I have nightmares of similar piano experiences. There was a time when I was playing at a competition and completely went blank! I had to start over multiple times because I would freeze everytime I got to the same place in the music. Horrible, horrible experience. Violin on the other hand….much more comfortable for me 🙂

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Jennifer – You totally amaze me! You are wonderful and I so admire you taking piano lessons and for stealing the cheeries – next time I am there we might have to get some!

  3. And on the subject of music…

    Amye, I bought a Manhattan Transfer Christmas CD in honor of you this year. Do you still love them? I do!

  4. Sarah–
    Why don’t you teach me to sew and I’ll teach you to play? Oh wait, I’m not good enough to teach anybody else to play. Okay, then, why don’t you teach me to sew? Rache needed a costume for school and we had to do the Goodwill thing and it was pitiful (though I didn’t tell her so.) I need your talents, NOW!

    p.s. I love “The Rose.” They need to bring that song back!

  5. Emily–

    I am honored to be on your Google Reader list! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to worm my way into your blogger world for months, so I’m glad my sneakiness has finally borne fruit. And thanks for the comment! It’s so fun to hear from the Godfreys–that may have been my subliminal reason for starting a blog all along!

  6. Amye–
    Oh, did you have to ask?? I’m ashamed to say my skill level hasn’t changed much since the good ‘ole days when you taught me (thank you for that, by the way!) The books I play out of are late intermediate/early advanced. Rachael is on her third year, and progressing really well. My mom just started this last fall so of course is a beginner, but I am surprised by how quickly she’s learning; she seems to have skipped over all the hunt-and-peck songs and is into chords, etc. already. (She could read music already, so I think that has helped.) So, we’re nothing to write home about, but we’re having a great time with it! Thanks to my early mentor, Sister Godfrey!

    Do you get to play quite a bit w/your teaching job? Have you continued teaching piano at all, or taken lessons yourself? Fill me in! I loooved taking piano from you!

  7. Yay! Pictures and writings from the famous Jenny C. What a nice surprise to see this here! And what a nice surprise to see the 3 generations, and all taking piano lessons?? Who knew? You all look fabulous! So what is the skill level on the piano. I’m curious about that. Amye

  8. Jennifer, you were born to blog! Sarah was right — you are a seriously amazing (ha!) storyteller, but I think the Godfreys already knew that. Consider yourself added to my Google Reader list.

    Also, I love all your mom (or my memories of her from 23 years ago.) Also also, your daughter is darling and looks very much like you.

  9. I have never heard you slaughter on the piano. I am sure it was lovely. I had no idea you 3 were taking lessons. How long has your mom been at it? Very very cool. I would like to take again someday too. Maybe this time, I’ll learn more than, “THE ROSE.”

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