That’s what I said about starting a blog: never. I thought that starting my own blog would be narcissistic, embarrassing, and all-around boring for anyone else to read. However, I would read others’ blogs, and savor every juicy morsel; I just loved hearing about a day in the life of my friends, family, and yes, complete strangers. I finally realized what a parasite I’ve been – devouring your delish dish while serving up none of my own. So I’m taking my first step into the Great Blogosphere.

I am excited to put my random thoughts and relatively unattractive photos into the great void, and even more eager to hear and see your own. (My six-year old just walked by and told me this last sentence was rude. Of course, I explained, I meant I was excited to hear from you, not that you, or anything about you, was random or unattractive. She’s way too smart.)

I’m just figuring out this blogging thing, so forgive the primitive layout and lack of exciting pictures for now (as opposed to the many exciting pictures that will surely be posted in the future??) I’m working on it!

So if you are one of the three people who may be reading this blog, feel free to leave a comment so it looks like I have friends. If you do not know me at all and somehow stumbled upon this blog, feel free leave a comment so it looks like I have friends. Thanks, and happy time wasting–er, I mean, blogging!

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