finished reading this book to my son.

Have you read this book with your kids?  Did  you read it as a kid?

I recently read a review of The Phantom Tollbooth labeling it as “simply the best children’s book ever written.”  I would have to agree.

My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Garing, read this book aloud to our class.  She had short blond hair and big owl glasses and did all the voices with flair and I thought she hung the moon.  The book amazed me, then and now, and reading it with my own child was delicious.

I worried that the book’s legendary wordplay might confuse Ethan, but the wacky characters and their wackier adventures held him in rapture from Page One.  We interrupted our reading often so I could explain the humor, which he understood surprisingly well.  (I think, when I’m not bragging about my children, I’m underestimating them.)

Upon closing the book,  he said  “Mom, what other books did you like when you were little that you think we should read?”  Oh, what a question to ask a mother!  I began excitedly rattling off bazillion titles, and it was soon decided (unanimously) that our next literary adventure would Superfudge.  I love having a boy.

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  1. I should read it with my 10-year-old. My oldest read it and loved it. I never have. We’ll give it a try!

  2. I think I need to re-read the Phantom TollBooth. I know I heard it (with you) in 4th grade, but I remember very little about it. What is wrong with me?

  3. I love rereading books I loved as a kid with my own kids! I’ve never heard of that one and just put it on hold at my library to read with them.
    We read all of the Risby, Ramona, and Henry books and the Superfudge ones. Watch out for the santa and tooth fairy spoilers!
    Books are so awesome!

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