Forget inspirational gobbledy-gook about improving yourself this year.  We really don’t need motivational books or speakers because it’s been my observation that, without exception, bumper stickers act as a calming voice of reason for life’s toughest questions.

Seriously, have you ever read a bumper sticker that didn’t convey wisdom, beseech repentance, or simply ooze with sophistication?  I can see why automobile owners are eager to show off their quick wit and political savvy in this upscale manner.  Any car, no matter how expensive, looks classier with a big, bright bumper sticker tacked on the rear.  The larger the letters, the better.  Swear words are especially engaging.  After my (second) trip to Costco today, I nearly rear-ended a sticker that said it all:

Get out of Hell Free
(John 3:16)

Who needs religion when you’ve got Oprah, Mitch Albom, and bumper stickers?  And to think I’ve invested so much of my time…

3 thoughts on “Your ticket to a fantabulous 2009

  1. PS- I enjoyed stalking today. Happy Birthday to Rachel. Ten years is a big birthday- Ethan turned ten in July- and I was a little wigged out myself.

  2. I knew all along there was a higher purpose for bumper stickers. All along I thought the design element of an ugly rectangle on the back of a vehicle was inspiring the creative juices of all who noticed. Well, except for me of course. But since I’m not super creative this is no surprise.

  3. Thank you for making this all so much easier for me. Yesterday was one of those days…the kids, the church, my house , were all asking way too much from me…next time, I’m running to my local mini mart and picking me up a bumper sticker that says something like…”Who the @#$* cares?” I think that would solve it all and would look mighty perty on my high class mini van. What do you think?

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