I never thought I’d see the day when I drooled over something that didn’t have muscles, but it’s finally arrived.  This is what I’m dreaming about for Mother’s Day, anniversary, and birthday combined:

You can do anything with this beauty and, more importantly, you will look good doing it.  I figure owning one of these will subtract a good ten years from my age and add a good twenty points to my IQ, which will still leave me far behind the genius of  my husband, who is so freakishly talented with all things digital, he really should be designing these himself.  Good thing I married him, or I’d have three faithful pen pals right now–receiving handwritten letters on stationery, no doubt– rather than three faithful readers of my blog.

Derrick claims he wants to get one of these “for me,” but we all know better.  My birthday just happens to fall six months before his, and no way can he wait until next January to get his hands on this gem.  Funny how our gift budget soars when new technology is involved.  I guess engineers need to have fun, too.

Does anyone reading this own an iPad yet?  Do you love it?  I can’t imagine not loving it.  The day I get this bad boy is the day I start blogging three times a week, which will fairly quadruple the volume of blogging I do now.  (I think I did the math right on that.  I should probably check with Derrick.)  And in case this post wasn’t exciting enough for you, don’t worry:  tomorrow I’ll be writing all about our family trips to Oregon and Utah.  I know how I excited I get at the prospect of looking at other peoples’ vacation pictures.

What is everyone else coveting that is expensive and unnecessary?  Please, ‘fess up and make me feel better about my own yearnings for such.  (I’m also fantasizing about some new pajama pants from Target.  One extravagance at a time, right?)

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