Over a year ago I submitted a personal essay to a literary journal called Segullah.  It was about my family, and I was honored to have it selected as one of the winners to appear in the Winter ’09 issue of the magazine.  I’d never considered posting the essay on my blog because it just seemed a little too personal, but after spending a joyful Easter weekend with my family–and thinking a lot about what spending Easter with my family means–I’m in a get-personal-kind-of-mood.  I usually avoid getting too serious on my blog, but today I’m giving in.  Although the subject matter isn’t particularly about Easter, I’ve been thinking today that every subject–everything— is absolutely about Easter.  Especially everything having to do with families.  So it just feels right to share my little story here today.  Thanks for reading it.  I hope your Easter was as lovely, and love-filled, as my own.

From Afar

15 thoughts on “Segullah

  1. Just found this. It was beautiful! I always used to say that you were one of those people who vocalized every thought that was in your head. Turns out you truly are gifted with words, both vocalized and written.

  2. “polished the art of resignation to a high gloss”…seriously, when is someone going to hand you the Pulitzer?  Thanks Jen for a beautiful essay.  I loved it!  Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jennifer, I loved your essay, I am constantly amazed by your beautiful writing ability.
    I too have only known my grandparents from afar, I never lived close to them as a child.

    Thank you for introducing me to Segullah too, love it! Do you subscribe?

  4. That was beautiful, thank you for sharing such a wonderful well written piece from your heart. It certianly made me think about my grandparents. 2 died when I was 3 and 7 yrs old and the other 2 still alive live so far I only saw them every other year growing up. Whereas my husband calls his grandparents regularaly just to say hi. It certianly makes me want to change things for my kids. I want them to know their grandparents and not have that relationship remain a mystery like it has in my life.
    Also I have never heard of Segullah, I’ll have to keep checking it out for more great reads!

  5. Hey Jen
    Just wanted to let you know that I just read your essay and LOVED it. What a beautiful post. You truly were lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. I always try and remind my kids how lucky they are to have their grandparents alive. It’s sad when they leave.

  6. Sandi, that means so much to me. I forget how many people can read these things on FB, esp. relatives! Good thing my relatives are so kind and nonjudgmental. I really appreciate your comment. Isn’t fb a great way to stay connected? How in the world are you guys, anyway? How are your kids? So nice to hear from you!

  7. Jennifer, I was so touched by your essay, Dad would have loved it, as he loved all of his grandkids. I know what you mean though about being “afar”. That’s how I felt about my grandparents. I was also lucky to have two sets of wonderful grandparents who loved me no matter how often I saw them, but I do look forward to getting to know them even better someday. You have a great talent and I so enjoy reading what you write, this piece really touched my heart. Love, Aunt Sandi

  8. This essay was perfect, Jen. Very touching because it was so well-written and because I appreciate the sincerity and honesty. You have a real gift. Was grandpa a good writer? Or did you get that from grandma?

    And Giana, Marsha, Matt? I feel like I am at a Kennewick reunion here. Very cool to be commenting alongside such good, longtime friends.

  9. Good stuff! It’s the mark of a good writer for readers to feel like you’ve put words to their feelings. You do that well, Jen. Yours are mostly everyday, ordinary life experiences that we all have in common, and you take the time and have the talent to “say” for us what we don’t or can’t say for ourselves. Thanks!

  10. I can’t help myself- I am one of your faithful readers. I agree with your friend Lisa- keep sharing your wonderful talent! I loved this essay, and have enjoyed everything you’ve written. They’ve reminded me of hanging out with you in our much younger days- most of the time laughing at something or (with)someone. 🙂

  11. Hi Jen. I remember this submission. That’s how I found you. Your essay caught my attention as I thought about the three parents my husband and I lost within a three-year period. I appreciated your reflections on your grandparents. I think my girls will be too little to remember, although we have scrapbooks that we look through often in hopes of keeping memories alive. You are right, Easter is what everything is about. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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