I never thought I’d see the day when I drooled over something that didn’t have muscles, but it’s finally arrived.  This is what I’m dreaming about for Mother’s Day, anniversary, and birthday combined:

You can do anything with this beauty and, more importantly, you will look good doing it.  I figure owning one of these will subtract a good ten years from my age and add a good twenty points to my IQ, which will still leave me far behind the genius of  my husband, who is so freakishly talented with all things digital, he really should be designing these himself.  Good thing I married him, or I’d have three faithful pen pals right now–receiving handwritten letters on stationery, no doubt– rather than three faithful readers of my blog.

Derrick claims he wants to get one of these “for me,” but we all know better.  My birthday just happens to fall six months before his, and no way can he wait until next January to get his hands on this gem.  Funny how our gift budget soars when new technology is involved.  I guess engineers need to have fun, too.

Does anyone reading this own an iPad yet?  Do you love it?  I can’t imagine not loving it.  The day I get this bad boy is the day I start blogging three times a week, which will fairly quadruple the volume of blogging I do now.  (I think I did the math right on that.  I should probably check with Derrick.)  And in case this post wasn’t exciting enough for you, don’t worry:  tomorrow I’ll be writing all about our family trips to Oregon and Utah.  I know how I excited I get at the prospect of looking at other peoples’ vacation pictures.

What is everyone else coveting that is expensive and unnecessary?  Please, ‘fess up and make me feel better about my own yearnings for such.  (I’m also fantasizing about some new pajama pants from Target.  One extravagance at a time, right?)

17 thoughts on “that’s what I get for marrying a technorat

  1. I have to admit I’m drooling over the iPad, too!  That…and the Kindle (although I want to be able to download all of the free ebooks from the library to it)!!

  2. good for you–i can’t believe you are already doing another marathon! i’ve heard the provo one is really fun. is Kendra Steve’s wife? Are you running the marathon with April? Tell her hi for me–and that if she beats her killer St. George time, next stop is Boston! 🙂

  3. yes running the utah valley marathon down provo canyon in june. not really training hard. we are already to 18 miles tomorrow and we will see how that goes. I am sure you are in shape. Hiking is kind of harder than basic running for sure. Haven’t talked to Kendra yet but I think it would be run!

  4. I love how he’s slowing converting you. His excitement over gadgets truly is infectious. I’m currently wanting a complete landscaping makeover and a trip to Hawaii with my kids. Not to mention a new, super fancy flat iron and a new car. Is that too much to ask?

  5. haha…I heard Derrick asking people about the iPad at church to see if it was as cool as everyone hyped it up to be. now we know why!! I have to admit I’m a tad jealous. I bet it would make my i-touch look like a terd.

  6. I would LOVE to climb Mt Hood. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since Derrick mentioned it. I wasn’t sure if you guys were still up for it. The guys will probably hook us up w/whatever we need. I’m worried about being in shape, though–I haven’t been running at all, just stairmaster and weights, but nothing to strenuous. Are you still running? Are you doing a marathon again this summer? I just can’t seem to get excited about running right now. Write back and tell me what you’re up to.

  7. your comment was so so kind. thank you! and of course i remember you! sheesh. you are famous in the godfrey household. i kind of hate that everyone has kennewick memories except me. but i remember visiting you when you lived way the heck out there somewhere in phoenix or mesa? am i right? anyway, your blog is delightful. i can’t believe i haven’t found it before. your segullah essay was lovely and your anthropologie post was pure genius!

  8. yes, want one. wonder if the back-lighting will be annoying when reading books. also, yes, i want to go to oregon. do you want to hike mt. hood? i don’t know about that, all of the technical stuff we need. i do like the idea of staying in the hotel and shopping and eating!

  9. i want one too. i hear you can use it like a kindle. i wonder if the backlighting will be annoying. also, haven’t responded about going to oregon. i would love to go. can you do it? i don’t know about hiking hood though. people die up there!

  10. Ooooh-Paul would die over this. IT looks so, so fun.
    I am loving your new blog, by the way!

  11. i think i’m alone here, but to me it just seems like a big glorified iphone/laptop. i love my iphone, so i’m sure it’d be good. but do i need both? probably not. sorry derrick. i don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here.

  12. Jason doesn’t have his yet, but he’s probably ordered it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrived before he gets back in town. The beauty of his relationship with technology is he doesn’t have to pay for these things. He needs them for “work” so they pay. His official title is “technology specialist” which you might think means he’s the go-to guy on all things technology for his company in this region, but to me it means, how many computers/digital gadgets can I own? One for every person in the house? I’m certainly not complaining. I enjoy the benefits too. I’ll soon be handling his new iPad (needs it for work of course).

  13. Ha, ha. We are a Mac family with a technogenius hub at the helm. We don’t have iPads yet. We both have iPhones (courtesy of a family member at AT&T), and our kids have iTouches (courtesy of a discount at the Apple Store during ‘black Friday). We purchased a 27″ iMac during ‘black Friday’ also. A total splurge. Our old G4 was still operating, but how does one blog, scrapbook and prepare lessons on a computer that doesn’t connect properly to the printer? I agree about the “gift budget”. We don’t spend money on new sofas (our small one is nearly shredded under the slip cover) or repair rusty sinks in the bathrooms. But look out! We are geared for the technological future! Who cares about comfortable seating when you can gaze at the pretty pictures on a 27″ computer monitor?

    p.s. Your kids can ride bikes with mine any time you’re in town. 😉

  14. Had to go to Best Buy with Jeff last weekend to “play” with one. They are pretty cool. I have to admit. I totally know about a hubby who is into technology!

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