Easter Weekend Lovelies:

  • Introducing Ethan to Thai food on Friday night while Grandma whisked the girls off to Hannah Montana:  The Movie (and yes, I did want to see that flick myself)
  • Watching my girls imitate Miley’s dance moves–quite impressively, I might add–all weekend long
  • Running a 5k with my husband on Saturday morning
  • Beating my husband in 5k on Saturday morning
  • Not letting my husband forget it since Saturday morning
  • Coloring eggs with the kids; making treats with the kids; eating too much candy with the kids
  • Watching kids perform creative skits about the New Testament on Saturday night; Ethan playing a mean “Martha” who is too busy making “My Tomato Sauce!” (as he called it) to sit down and listen next to Megan’s angelic portrayal of “Mary”
  • Beautiful music in church on Sunday morning
  • First Sunday back in Primary as new 2nd counselor; loving being back in there with my own little lovelies
  • Hedonistic Easter feast after church, during which we reversed any benefits gained during 5k run
  • My parents coming over to celebrate Easter and their 41st wedding anniversary.  Dad giving Mom floor tickets to Billy Joel/Elton John in Seattle.  Them acting as giddy as newlyweds.  Me loving living by my parents. 

Easter Weekend Not-So-Lovelies:

  • My niece announcing that she was “suspicious” of the Easter Bunny on the car ride over to our house
  • She and the rest of the kids sneaking back to our room to google up and learning that the likeliest candidate for the E.B. was, in fact, their parents
  • Us adults enjoying ripe strawberries and lemon chiffon cake out front, blissfully unaware that our childrens’ innocence was being shattered just two rooms away

Guess you can’t win them all.
But it was still a great weekend.

How was yours?

14 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. You threw your back out? I am so sorry! How terrible! Are you okay now? How long were you laid up? I've heard that is the worst.I so wish we could have come for a visit…why does life have to get in the way of hanging out w/the Curtises? Of course you guys are going to the concert…you two are always up to something fun! Someday D. and I will lead as exciting a life as you guys. My mom would have died to double-date w/you–then she REALLY would have felt young and hip.:)Thanks for the compliment on the dresses. Of course I got them in Utah! Nothing nearly that cute up here in the stix. 🙂

  2. We sat around all weekend long waiting for our friends from Washington to come see us…. j/k. However, I did do a lot of sitting because I threw my back out. Like you said, can't win them all. I was hoping your Mom and Dad were going to come here to see Elton and Billy. Randy and I are going to see them in November. We could have double dated.

  3. Sorry, Jen! Bailie woke up at 2am and said I wasn’t in bed – therefore, she was “suspicious”? I told her I was in bed all night and she must of been dreaming, but of course, she’s not buying it. She hasn’t mentioned the E.B. since Easter, but said she had a plan to find out for sure next year! Gotta love her!

  4. Melissa, is Hattie really afraid of the EB? Oh, too funny. Leave it to her…she really IS too smart for her own good! Your video of Marin w/the eggs is hysterical, by the way!

  5. Rachel – Please don’t tell my family or my inlaws but I too would like to be rescued from the EB! I feel like working the Santa and the Tooth Fairy angle are enough! My oldest is afraid of the bunny anyhow – give it up already!!

  6. First of all…gorgeous family…way to go! Second of all, back to primary,eh? I’m sad we won’t be sharing the easiest calling ever anymore, but I guess some of us are meant for greater challenges. Third of all, way to go on the 5K and fourth of all, can I borrow your niece? I would love for my kids to discover the truth about the E.B. I became very weary all weekend of coming up with gimmicks and mostly lies to curtail thier never ending questions ie. “Have you ever met the EB?…Is it a boy or a girl?…How come last year he hid the eggs while we were sleeping and this year while we were at church?” Please Bailie…come rescue me!

  7. Love it! Sad about outing the EB – shame on them!! Your family picture is adorable! Sounds like you had a fun easter!! You know I am jumping for joy that you beat Derrick on the run – you are always stronger and more amazing!!

  8. Lisa–
    Nice to hear from you! Yes, it was Bailie who dropped the bomb–she’s too smart for her own good. And I got the girls’ dresses in (where else?) a little shop in Utah. And I know my parents miss you guys, too! They really miss the old ward and stake. You should call my mom some time…she’d be over the moon. 🙂

    Sarah–A neighbor came to church w/us, that’s the only reason we got that photo. Such a rarity, I had to post it. I am not running that much, just enough to brag about on my blog (I can’t quilt, so I gotta have something!)
    And yes, I think Rachael’s been playing along for quite some time, but doesn’t want the fun to end.

    I’ve missed you, too! Blogging and otherwise. 🙂

  9. What a good looking family! Seriously, I am impressed you all sat down together to take a photo.

    And what’s with all this running you’re doing? I can’t keep up with the Smiths.

    The E.B. has to come clean sometime. I imagine the kids will still play along next year, even if they think they know the truth.

    And welcome back to the world of blogging. I’ve missed you.

  10. I am curious as to which niece instigated the E.B. closet outing! I love your girls dresses. . where did you get them?? And I have to say we love our neighbors but we sure miss your parents!

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