1. Aaron, glad to see a fellow friend who appreciates a good LOR reference. Let's do Radcon sometime. (Your comment actually made me laugh out loud!)Allison–I'm not making any promises, but this remote has definitely improved our marriage.Nancy–When he loses this one, I'll be camping out at your house w/my children, because I'm sure the restraining order will keep him out of there.

  2. Oh, yes, there is surely a story. The only reason my cheapskate husband bought it is b/c a friend of ours in the ward (thank you, Ian) called him last Sat. and told him there were a few left on the clearance aisle at Target. It was $30 off, so we made a run for it at 9pm on Sat. night, for a date of sorts. (Who says courtship is over once you’re married?)

  3. So who bought it? Did Derrick go out and buy it after the other remotes were lost or did you buy it to end all the drama!!! Come on, I am sure there is a great story behind this!

  4. Finally!!! It has taken forever for him to get one! I hope it is the answer to all of his questions and fulfills his every wish! I hope the kids (Derrick) doesn’t miss place it!

  5. Jen- first of all, thanks so much for your sweet comments- you really are too kind! And secondly, that has to be the most intense remote I’ve ever seen… definitely NOT for amatures!

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