I’ve been so lame about posting.  Here’s a quick one:
Derrick and I are now leaving for a full 32 hours without children, responsibilities, or a schedule.  The kids are being dropped off at Saint Cara and Saint Julies’ homes (loveliest friend and sister ever), and the hubby and I are taking off to Portland until late Saturday night (a curse upon his new calling!)
In 32 hours we will squeeze in:  a session at the Portland temple (where we were married–it’s sentimental, okay?); a late night dinner, possibly at “Montage” (sp?) which is this unbelievably cool restaurant under a bridge in some funky part of town that is way too hip and young for us, but a couple can dream;  a leisurely morning stroll through downtown’s Saturday Market, which we haven’t done in ages; a heavy consumption of all foods ethnic, deep fried, or with suspicious odors and ingredients; a little “someday” window shopping; and, of course, a big fat trip to Powell’s bookstore, which we don’t dare do first because we know if we do, the rest of the day is shot.  I love my husband.  I love that he loves Powell’s.  I love a weekend–finally–that is empty enough to waste a little time together.  I’m especially loving my kids’ babysitters, too.  Lovin’ it! (But not in a McDonald’s sort of way.)

7 thoughts on “Lovin’ it

  1. I enjoy your writing Jenn…we missed Rachel in class today (really we did)…say hi to her from her boring primary teacher!

  2. Lora, thanks for offering to help–I have the nicest friends in the whole world, not to mention the coolest. (And don't worry–I will spare you the weekend's ugly details 🙂

    Sarah–I can only get away because I am half the woman you are with, literally, half the workload. Hang in there–you are an inspiration!

    Melissa–give me more deets on your Costco dude! Is he in management? (A man with power is always more appealing) So glad I can encourage inappropriate behaviors in other desperate housewives like myself. 🙂

  3. Kathryn,
    That is so funny you mentioned Voodoo Doughnuts–I'd never heard of it before yesterday and we decided to give it a try. It was great–I'm actually gonna post about it today. Glad you love the Portland temple too–it was so fun to go back (but I have to say, my new loyalty is w/Columbia River 🙂 Thanks for commenting, by the way–love it.

  4. Ooo, have so much fun. Great babysitters are priceless, especially the ones that can care for your kids overnight. p.s. My friend saw our Costco dude last week and texted me promptly to let me know. She hadn't noticed him before, but since I shared your Cliff R. story, we have secret giggles about it. 😀

  5. just to get away sounds great, but then throw in all that good stuff and it's perfect. my days of getting away seem limited these days. have fun!

  6. Love the Portland Temple! It is actually the one I wanted to get married in but the Columbia River was more practical (since I'm from Kennewick and the hubby is from Pasco). Also have you ever been to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland? I'm not a big doughnut fan but I had a Mango Doughnut there that was the best doughnut I've ever had! So you could add that to your fried list 🙂

  7. I am so glad that you were able to get away just the two of you. Oh what it must be like for people with older kids. I am dreaming of leaving my kids with someone for a quick trip. Excited to hear details…well, not ALL the details. Hope you guys have a blast.

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