to another year of school.

(Warning:  another dull catch-up post from my Aug/Sept. nonblogging run.  Sorry.)

It comes every fall, and every fall it’s bittersweet.  Happy for them, sad for me, happy for me.  We had a lot of big changes this year:  Rachael started middle school (!), Megan started a new elementary school, and Ethan started kindergarten.  Naturally, these milestones have occurred under the roof of my parents’ house, which will create lasting memories for my children of that cherished season of their childhood in which Mom and Dad couldn’t get their crap together.  My good kids bear it well.  And they were each thrilled to tackle their new adventures.  I was excited for them.  Kind of.

Skinny-jeaned up and ready to go.  Rachael was so excited for middle school.

Dorky Mom has to take a picture of her walking to the building.  Yes, I have attachment issues.

Megan has a gift for knowing just how much bling is required to make an impression at a new elementary school. (I can only dream of being cute enough to pull off a sparkly silver scarf in August.)

Ethan has a will as steely as the metallic guitars on his shirt, and we fought hard over this outfit.  I wanted him to wear a classy new white polo and plaid shorts I’d bought him, but Ethan’s no dummy.  He knows what kind of clothes get you beat up on the playground.

Ethan was dying to ride the bus to school, so after several days of positive self-talk, I finally let him.  I have never had any of my kids ride the bus before, so this was a big stretch for me.  It’s like a little adventure every day and he absolutely loves it.

I must admit, I was a little depressed after dropping the kids off the first morning.  Okay, really depressed.  As in, teary-eyed-all-day-long-depressed.  But as soon as I picked up Rache and saw her face all lit up with excitement, gushing about how cool middle school is, my mood lifted.  Megan gave the same glowing review, as did Ethan with kindergarten.  I’m sad my kids are slowly leaving my side, but I’m so thankful that they like school.  And now that we’re into it, I’m really just happy to have a little break every day.  (My motherly sentiment always gives way, eventually, to my womanly selfishness.)

And now I want to know from you, my three faithfuls:  What are you happiest/saddest about with the coming of the new school year?  I really want to know–it will make me feel better.  Don’t even think of reading this and bypassing the comment section.  (Do I need to name names, Ashley/Emily/Rachel/Cheryl/Brooks/Stephanie?)  No, I’ve decided against naming names.  You know who you are.

8 thoughts on “And off they go…

  1. This year is bittersweet for me, as my eldest is a Senior in High School.

    I am bothered by this fact for a couple of reasons. First (and most obviously), I can’t believe he’ll be off to college next year.

    Secondly (and perhaps more importantly!) I am a little bit in denial that I am old enough to have an 18-year-old child.

  2. Enjoyed your post and yes here is my comment (even though you spelled my name wrong by don’t worry I’m not OFFENDED). I was thrilled when my youngest went to school. Last summer I went to Colorado for my oldest grandson’s first day of school. What a day of excitement. Keep writing Jenn – I am putting your blog address on my favorites list (you should feel special)>

  3. I love the structure a school schedule brings to our home. I also hate the structure and not being able to sleep in anymore. I hate being obligated to a million different people and places. But I love the promise that Fall brings. It’s almost more of a fresh start than January 1st. Something about new pencils and notebooks and crayons just make my heart sing. I usually indulge myself with new family calendars, post-its, highlighters, etc. because that somehow makes me feel more productive and organized. But what I hate more than anything about sending my kids back to school is the inevitable issues that come up; fights with friends, problems with teachers, or just plain bad days. That’s when I want to forget it all, start home-schooling and never let my kids leave my side. I miss them when they’re gone!! But it’s so wonderful to see them go . . .

  4. Oh man, I just love your blog posts…you should write for some cool paper. I always laugh so hard!

    I love back-to-school time! I used to love school at that age so it is fun to see my kids get to enjoy it. Avery and Owen are riding a bus for the first time this year also…it was a stretch for me as well, but it has been fun for them.

    This is my first year with all my kids in school all day. I miss Avery home with me, honestly, just because she is so cute and fun to be around. I was a little sad the first few days, but them my womanly selfishness kicked it as well and now I LOVE all this time! I hope Jeremy isn’t reading this because then he will wonder why his shirts aren’t ironed…can’t imagine why.

    Love you, Jen, and love your blog! Keep it coming; you are just awesome to me!


  5. I will speak up and say I love when my kids go back to school but I hate the morning schedule it locks us into! I miss having the time in the morning to make a real breakfast or go straight from pjs to swimsuits. I hate that M3 misses all the stuff we do during the day. I love that my other two nap a little and I get an hour to myself. I hate that school means winter and love that school means fall.

    Your kids are so cute – no one can pull off the skinny jeans or that sparkly scarf like Rach and Megs. I will have to show M3 those pictures. As for E – he is living M3 & M4’s dream – riding the bus to school – how fabulous! Lucky kid!

    I love your posts with pictures of your adorable kids – we miss them so much! I would not mind some of all of you together too!

  6. I love that the kids are on a schedule again. And not fighting with each other about where they get to sit on the couch, or where they get to sit in the car. And that they go to bed earlier. Lots of good things about school.

    Sad when the young ones go, like Ethan. Is he in all day kindergarten? That’s a bit heart wrenching. But I am always ready for the older ones to go, after a summer filled with, did I mention, fighting?

    Here’s to Ashley commenting!

  7. My name wasn’t on the list…can I still post? Tee-hee. The fact that your kids like school is extremely wonderful. They could hate it. And then you would feel extra, extra bad. So there is a bonus. I love the order of the day when school is around. I miss my kids, but know that they are learning and having some good (and not so good) life experiences. They still talk to me, and I still advocate on a regular basis. 😀 I like being able to sort laundry, scrub toilets and do dishes while they are not around. Mostly because if I do those things when they are around, I have guilt that I’m ignoring them. I had terrible guilt issues when they were babies about putting in a video to get chores done. If I had it to do over, I’d do less chores and more cuddling. So now I try to do everything business/house related while they are at school, and then totally soak up the love when they are home. I make snacks, help with homework and just try to be totally available. If I had my way, they’d stay little and cuddly forever, but since I’m not in charge, I try to make the best of it and enjoy them every minute they’re home. 😀

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