Last week, the cutest, funniest, smartest, kindest, most competent, capable, responsible, active, adventurous, caring, sensitive, optimistic and loving husband and father in the world celebrated his 37th birthday.  He thinks he’s old.  We think he’s wonderful.

We wanted to do something special for him this year, so the kids dreamed up a “Real, Fancy Restaurant” (their words).  We hung Fancy Tablecloths over the entryways to the dining room, dimmed the lights, and lit Fancy Candles on a Fancy Table complete with a black tablecloth, fresh flowers, and Grandma’s Special Super Fancy China, which hasn’t been used since two Christmases ago.  (Yeah, it’s that Fancy.)

This was no dummy establishment. Megan named the restaurant Derrick’s Delights and typed up the following Fancy Menu (note the many fanciful adjectives):

  Drinks:  World’s Finest Champagne (Martinelli’s White Grape Juice, of course)
Appetizers:  Bistro Salad of mixed greens, capers, and onions
Entree:  Succulent Indian Curry, steamed jasmine rice, warm, crisp flatbread

Dessert: Decadant Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake with rich vanilla bean ice cream.

It all went off perfectly.  Dad came home, waited in the Fancy Foyer (our living room with a few dining chairs set in it) and relaxed to Fancy Classical Music while mom changed from sweaty chef to glamorous date.  We sat and enjoyed our Fancy Fare while the gracious waiters showered us with flawless service.  The youngest waiter, however, got bored with serving and decided to sit down next to us and be served instead. (He’s nobody’s fool.)  We allowed this addition to our Fancy Romantic Dinner because, honestly…how do you shoo away a four-year old with a mustache?

I had to use the flash to get these photos to come out, so you’ll just have to imagine the sultry ambience, the darkened decadence, the sheer extravagance that was Derrick’s Delights:

The Fancy Dessert:  a flourless chocolate cake that was supposed
to look like the one from Julie & Julia.  It almost did, until it sank
in the middle.  (Keep trying, Mom.)

Ethan was just told that he would be receiving his 
tips in fruit snacks.

My two favorite smooth-skinned fellas.
(Facial hair on men is so overrated.)
Derrick left (stayed home) one very satisfied customer.
Happy Birthday, Dad.
We think you are the fanciest of them all.

13 thoughts on “Fancy Shmancy

  1. I just had a big flashback to circa 1993 in your apartment at Ricks College when we presented a "fancy" dinner for our Preference dates. Do you remember our "fancy" decor and menu? Too funny! This is such a cute idea! Maybe when my two year old is over her tantrum stage, I, too can be a good mom like you and pull off creative ideas like this for my husband and children. I love Ethan's look!

  2. Amye, how are you? FYI, on the right of Doug was his wife, Denise. To his left was his daughter, Makenzie. I don't think I had any pics of Jaimy or Julie on that post.

    I see you sometimes on Sarah and Emily's blog–you haven't changed a bit. I saw a pic of you singing by the piano on Christmas Eve, and it just warmed me up. It's comforting to think you are the same fun and talented person, enjoying the same things you used to share with all of us. We miss the Godfrey clan up here!

  3. Jenny, I haven't looked at your blog for months, and it was so fun to see lots of family photos here! Everyone looks great! Was Jaimy really in the photo with Doug, because I don't recognize the girl on the right.

  4. Ethan's face is CLASSIC! Looks like a fun "date". It was fun to see your mom all the way in Utah today, while I was shopping. She is great. I love Cindy. Riley says she misses you all very, very much and to have the girls call her soon. What kind of restaurant does Rach get for her b-day???

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