Tonight I made cupcakes for my daughter to take to school tomorrow.  I opened up the egg carton and gasped in astonishment at the gargantuan eggs that sat inside it.  Because I knew you wouldn’t believe just how gargantuan these eggs were, I propped one up against an apple for a convincing visual aide:

Imagine my added shock when, still intimidated by their sheer size and volume, I cracked one of these eggs open and two yolks spilled from it into the bowl.

Something about this midnight experience sharply illuminated, to me, just what eggs really are (chicken fetuses), and how strange (disgusting) it is that we eat them.

It’s freaky how big these eggs are.  I’m officially freaked.

12 thoughts on “this genetically-engineered food thing is really getting out of hand

  1. Well, since you're in the mood for eggs, Jen, I have to tell you I got a microwave egg-poacher at Walmart recently and it's the best thing ever. I like poached eggs but didn't know how to make them, and this makes two in one minute, so our house has been routinely filled with the not-so-lovely smell of poached egg sandwiches of late.

  2. Nancy, I cannot, I will not blog about roosters you-know-whats. You cannot make me do it. (But you could do it and I would read it.) And thank you for the graphic lesson in a hen's ovarian cycle.Mom–it's real! Very small apple, very large egg.Marsha–I hear you; Ethan was 9 lb, 7 oz. Not funGiana–I knew you meant "public" (pervo…:) And I want to watch that documentary but I'm scared. "Supersize Me" was bad enough. Heather–good call on not baking. My kitchen was a sty until midnight!The strange thing is that after all of this, I woke up this morning in the mood for eggs. What's wrong with me?

  3. oh, by the way, Jenn. Blog about this:The egg that drops is just like a woman's unfertilized egg. It's not a fetus unless it has been fertilized by the sperm. Yes, roosters have peckers. I've never seen a rooster on a hen, like we've all seen various other animals. Has anyone ever seen this going on?? The visual picture of rooster on hen makes me laugh!!!

  4. OK, girls, think of the poor hen! That's like birthing a 15 lb baby! On the other hand, I grew up on a farm; we had chickens, and double-yoked, large eggs do just happen. They don't normally get put in cartons to be sold!

  5. Watch the movie documentary Food, Inc. It'll freak you out even more. 🙂 It's pretty disgusting what our government says is "okay" for the American pubic to consume. Then again, maybe you don't want to watch it… 😉

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