Ethan’s, Megan’s, and Rachael’s carving artistry.

To Do Before Friday at 2:30:

  • Create final touches on kids’ costumes, hair and makeup
  • Create costumes for Derrick and I
  • Create oceanic backdrop for ward carnival fishing game
  • Create and decorate two dozen cupcakes with kids (they insist on helping, which really speeds things up)
  • Create presumably contest winning chili
  • Create presumably contest winning cornbread
  • Do not create apple pie.  I really dislike creating apple pie.
  • Create basket of goodies to “boo” our neigbors.  We got boo-ed two weeks ago, and have still failed to respond.  I know.  Ungracious.
  • Create imaginative trunk display for the (freaking) Trunk or Treaters
  • Create stylish yet casually coordinating outfits for family pictures on Saturday morning.  First must purchase such outfits.   
  • Create more money in my checking account.
  • I am not a creative person.  I know many of you reading this are.  Help! And pardon my french (and the pun), but what the freak is going on?  When did Halloween become a quasi-Christmas, complete with a checklist, baking and stress?  Am I the only one feeling the heat?  (I doubt it.)  Despite the to-dos, I think we’ll still have fun. Or at least my kids will.  Hope you do, too.
    Happy Halloween!

    8 thoughts on “Gettin’ My Freak On

    1. Hope you got through it all. Our Halloween ended up to be pretty low key-don't know why-but I'm grateful after reading your heinous list! Let the Thanksgiving/Christmas joy come baby!

    2. Sorry Jen!!! Cut some of that out – we should mail you some scrubs for costumes – they are great backup costumes – Morgan and Maxwell are in scrubs this year! I didn't decorate for out TT this year – I am lame and didn't care 🙂 I am on the hunt for family pic clothes too – not for two weeks! Let me know what you find so we can can copy.

      You are making me tired! Just say no or at least not this time!!! I love the list actually!

    3. Why don't I have that much to do for Halloween? Now you're making me feel like a loser.

      Buy costumes – check
      Buy candy – check
      Buy treats for 14 preschoolers at gas station this morning while getting my daily fix – check

      Happy Halloween!

    4. I hear ya sistah! I've had 2 meetings so far this week to plan our adult Halloween party, made chili, made cookies, still need to hem costumes, soccer games/practice continues, and so on and all the girls in our family have come down with this horrendous cold which does not put me in the mood to do any of the above, but in the end it will all be fun, right? Good luck! BTW, I have some delicious chili recipes should you need them…call me!

    5. This is EXACTLY why I do not like Halloween… I never have, never will! My list is a mile long too! Do you need me to make some cupcakes and help out. My kids will probably be the most uncreatively dressed for the carnival, because I think costumes are a WASTE of $$$, and I am NOT dressing up (call me a party pooper)… I just don't like it at all.. I could double my batch of chili and we could both enter it… wouldn't that be funny…

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