Great movie.

Okay, I don’t usually post in a family-journal kind of way.  For me, blogging is just a random, silly outlet that I use to blow off steam when I’m in the mood.  (As you can tell by my sporadic postings, I’m a very moody blogger.)  But we just had such a nice October weekend, I’d like to stray from my norm and actually write about what we did.  I apologize in advance that you have to read about someone else’s kids doing cute things, but I will be mocking my husband (as usual) so bear with me.

Friday night:  Three-hour Primary Program practice in the chapel.  The only good thing about this is that afterward, the weekend had nowhere to go but up.

Saturday morning:  10-mile run with my good friend and running/life mentor, Stephanie.  Am I bragging about the 10 miles?  You bet. But before you’re too impressed, think of an elephant rumbling down the grasslands of Africa.  That’s about how good I looked and felt doing it.  Imagine how much better I felt when Stephanie offhandedly informed me that she’d already ran seven miles before I showed up, and then spent the last three miles of our route texting her kids–while running.  She was that bored.

Saturday morning:  Ethan’s final “flag football” game (term used loosely) and trophy ceremony/pizza party.  Ethan was more excited about the trophy than anything that transpired on the field all season.  I am proud to say that my son loves to chase and tackle the other players, just never when or where he’s supposed to.  During this last game, I think he finally began to understand that you are supposed to be somewhere in the general vicinity of the football.  I consider that a successful season for a four-year old.

Thank you Coach Martin–there’s a special place in heaven
for people who voluntarily coach four-year olds.

Saturday afternoon:  Partook of neighborhood “pumpkin patch.”  This is truly hilarious.  Our HOA scatters a bunch of pumpkins in an empty house lot around the corner, then takes families over on a “tractor”–a golf cart with a bale of hay strapped to the back–to select pumpkins.  Afterward we go back to the Welcome Center for lunch, treats and pumpkin painting.  My kids absolutely love it, and it saves me a trip to the real pumpkin patch, which I’ve been to nineteen times for school field trips.

Have you ever seen such a lush autumnal landscape?  
Mom and Dad are all smiles at the efficiency of the 
“Pumpkin Patch.”  See the bale of hay?  Authentic, I tell you.

Saturday afternoon.  Took a rare and much-needed nap w/hubby, then woke before him and read in bed for over an hour–during the day!  Can I tell you what a treat this was on a Saturday afternoon, when I usually clean my house or run not-fun errands?  Thank you, DVR, for the quality child care that afforded me this blissful opportunity.

Read it now.  That’s all I will say.

Saturday evening:  Cleaned up house, got stuff ready for Sunday, dropped the kids at Grandma’s (thank you, Cindy!) then used free movie tix to see yet another Really, Really Bad Movie.  Yes, we actually spent two hours viewing All About Steve with Sandra Bullock (it was the only non-animated, non-R-rated option.)  It could not have been lamer, so I will not admit that I sortakinda enjoyed it in a way.  There’s just something about Sandra.  I know she’s not an Oscar winner, I know her movies are bubble gum, but I still feel like I’m watching an old friend with the big white smile on the screen.  And I do think she’s funny.  I dare you to rent this, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  And don’t tell anyone you want to impress that you kind of liked it, which I know you kind of will.

Sunday morning:  The Big Show.  My kids thought they were debuting on Broadway (not that we like to make things all about us.)  The planning/practicing/kid-herding for this annual event has loomed over my (and many others’) head(s) for some time, and through what can only be described as divine intervention, it went off without a hitch.  I’d even say it was beautiful, especially when my little ladies performed.  Rachael played lovely prelude music on the piano, and Megan played a lovely solo (Teach Me to Walk) on her violin.  Even Ethan knew all the words to the songs and sang them with…let’s just call it gusto.  Suffice it to say that nobody in the congregation could miss Ethan Smith’s performance up on the stand.  As an ironic bonus, he was seated next to the Bishop for the entire meeting.  Sometimes I wish video cameras were allowed in church.

Sunday afternoon:  Wonderful home teachers visit with a nice message, save one hiccup:  they brought a large, clear jar of colorful m&ms; and set it on the coffee table before us.

 We all stared longingly while pretending to listen to said message.  Afterward, we were ready to dive in when our usually kind home teacher informed us that we could only have one m&m; every time we did an act of service.  He’d even written “Service Jar” on the glass with permanent marker.  Was he kidding?  As soon as he left, we started backlogging everything we’d done in the last few weeks that could qualify as service:  housework, churchwork, homework, ab-work.  We rewarded ourselves amply.

Sunday evening:  Looking forward to
a primaryprogramless week and lots of fun Halloween activities.  Any ideas on a couples’ costume that my husband will actually be seen in?  Am I the only one who thinks his face lends itself to a vampire disguise?  (The jaw, the abnormal frowning ability…somehow it just works.)

19 thoughts on “October Sky

  1. Jaim, Chase was born too cool for Primary. We miss you guys, too!

    Jen–they BETTER have released you as PP w/your new little one. How is he/are you doing?

    Brenda–Don't worry, they'll be plenty of BAD movies in our double dating future; Derrick and I have a nose for them. 🙂 (and thanks–your boys did so well on the program, too!)

    Rache–like I said, just milk the knee! Maybe Jason needs to take over laundry and dinner for a week or so…? So sorry to hear about it though, seriously; that's a drag.

    Sarah–I'm so happy for you that you were NOT in charge, but I bet the primary really misses you. Heard you had a killer baby shower! Now what do I get you?? (you can suggest, really!)

    Melissa–darn right we have a cute family!!

  2. Look at me, all grown up with my very own google account! Seriously, what's up with still running? Do you actually like it? I don't get it . . .

    Be grateful for children who are eager to please and participate in church programs. Kyle tries, but all I get from Chase is rolling of the eyes and heavy sighs-sometimes he won't even stand up for the chorister. He's only 7. How will he endure for 4 more years?!

    Your family is adorable and I miss them!

  3. Sounds like you guys are having fun! Our Primary program is coming up in a week. I just got released as Primary President so I don't have to do anything with it-GLORIA! The 10 miler sounds like a real dream!

  4. For heaven's sake, why are you still running 10 miles after a marathon? Don't you know it's that wallow in your achievement and gain 8 lbs. period that you are supposed to be in right now? Seriously though, I'm jealous…I've apparently developed a slight case of arthritis in my knee and can't run on it until I strengthen my quads, so needless to say I think I passed that 8 lb. thing sometime last week.
    I actually had "Thousand Splendid Suns" sitting out waiting to read as soon as I finish "Water for Elephants". Can't wait now.
    Wish you could have joined us for our pumpkin patch excursions. They are so beaufitul here as you might remember from the time we took Rschael and Mary so very long ago.
    P.S. Love the bangs!

  5. Jen – more time writing us stories and less time cleaning house pleeease! I have to tell you to go out at the very first chance you get and buy and lock yourself in somewhere and read "The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance." It is classic Mormon humor but written with intelligence and wit (published by Penguin's Dutton imprint the lexus of Memoir publishers.) It is written by Elna Baker! Read it and Love it. And go right now and youtube Elna Baker.

  6. Charlene–We were so sad not to have your kids in it. I really hope they're feeling better. JaNae and I thought maybe Lilly could play in church next month, just as a special number. Same song, w/piano or however she wants. That way her practicing can still pay off. What do you think?Allison–thanks. What did you think of the book? Nancy–I love your honesty/humor! You're sewing? What? You are a woman of mystery. I didn't know you were crafty. (Why don't I have any talents?)Wendy, I'm sorry to take pleasure in it, but I'm glad you died on your run, too. I cannot believe how far I've sunk since the marathon. I feel about ten pounds heavier. Regis and Kathie Lee is a great idea…I think Derrick is enough of a geezer and I talk enough to pull it off!This is a really long comment about your guys' comments. Not that I'm starving for friends or anything.

  7. Again, you never fail to make me laugh. I just have to say amen on the run. That is how I felt. I ran a longer run because you said you were. I walked the last mile. I am sure April was so bummed. I think a Friday night primary practice is awesome, especially for those of us who can go out when all of the kids are at the practice. I am impressed that your kids are that good at music to play their instruments in sacrament. Nice. How about being Regis and Kathie Lee. HAAA

  8. I am bummed we missed the pumpkin patch & hayride… I think we were actually home doing NOTHING! Oh, and thanks for not inviting us to see another "really bad movie!" I don't know if we could handle it! The program was amazing! Thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears I think you deserve the whole jar of M&M;'s after that!

  9. love your bangs.

    can't believe you run 10 miles just for fun. who are you?

    we had our primary program yesterday too. i was sad and also releived to not be in charge of it.

    cute cute family. there's your Christmas photo. i want to see you and derrick in it this year.

  10. I am so glad to hear the Primary Program went well. Lilly was so bummed she missed it. That and I can't believe we had to miss the pumpkin patch, looks like I will be heading to the grocery store to pick out some pumpkins. I wonder if I should spread them around our backyard and pull the kids to them in the wagon. Will they even know the difference?

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