There was the perusing, the choosing, and then…

There were the pumpkins!

There was a Glamour Witch and an Indian Princess 

There was a very convincing Spiderman, who refused to pose for any more pictures after his annoying mother took seventy-five of them at his pre-school party. 
(To the left is Spidey’s new best friend, Mr. Incredible.  Mom’s decided she needs to pony up the cash and  hook poor Ethan up with some muscles next year.) 

There again was  Spiderman, defying his desperate mother’s plea to pose with the girls.  “NO!  I don’t like pictures!!” was his mantra of the evening.  Hence, Mom has not a single photo of all the children together.  (The humanity!)  He is fully potty-trained, by the way, so rest assured he is not doing what it looks like he’s doing here.

There was a visit from Grandma and Grandpa the weekend before,which kicked the spooky season off to a happy start for the kids, and made Dad happy as he relegated pumpkin carving to Grandpa Neal.

There was a swingin’ party at Aunt Julie’s, followed by a  Trunk or Treat at the church, followed by a Costume Parade on the stage, followed by Trick or Treating in a friendly, cheery, Halloween-conducive neighborhood.  And, most importantly, there was Sixty-Five Degree Weather all evening, which made Mom euphoric, the children energetic, and our Halloween the happiest one we can remember in many years.
Oh yeah.  And there was Candy.  Mountains of candy.  And parents who were too tired to say no.  

Every child’s Hallowdream.
(And a dreamy Halloween to you all!)

7 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Tia Hen ~
    sounds like lot of fun sry i missed julies party ! 🙁 i was at my trunk or treat with 2 friends and then hooked up with more friends and went trick or treating I was a Barbie and it was fun !! i am sure that the haloween catwalk parade wuz soooo much fun.. I would have worked it u know BAM BABY !! 🙂

    Luv u guys lots ! ♥ makenzie

  2. Sar–

    Oh, how could I forget the poodle skirts? We thought we were the Pink Ladies themselves (and we kind of were, in the glamorous world of KOG.) Those were the days! Did our poodle skirts collide with our coveted parts as 50’s girls in “Wheels?” I think they must have. Glamorous! I bet at the end of Trick or Treating I gave you all my gummies for all your chocolate.

    Excuse the Kamiakin shirt! Rache and Meg went to a dance clinic there and the shirts (unfortunately) were free. We gotta move away before I enroll my kids in either Kennewick or Kamiakin. Way too weird!

  3. Oh yeah, it was wiiild!

    Jaimy told me she had you guys over the other night. May I just say one more time how jealous I am of all of you? Life is so unfair. Every time I make friends, they dump me and go make friends with my other friends (Ashley and Sarah, you know who you are.) I consider you and Heather’s friendship w/the Carleys a major betrayal, but I am willing to forgive it because I like you all so much (same goes for Ashley and Sarah, by the way!:)

  4. Everyone looks so cute! I can’t help but think back to our years of trick or treating on Park Hill. One year in particular we were both 50’s girls with poodle skirts. And it was really really cold so we had to wear our coats which just ruined the whole look. Also, our moms let us go alone? Am I remembering that right?

    Good to see you’ve got Kamaiakin spirit at your house.

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