We love that he is:
Serious but goofy
Intelligent but funny
Motivated but realistic
A voracious reader but never above a good tv show
Intense but laid-back about all the right things
Always working so, so hard for our family
Always working so, so hard for our ward
Always taking on just “one more thing” to help those around him
Ethan’s new indoor soccer coach
Megan’s favorite lunch date
Rachael’s best mutual buddy
My favorite person in the world.

Happy 38th, Derrick.
You are a good, good man.

4 thoughts on “We love The Dad around here.

  1. Jen, I agree. He is a good, good man. And a good, good brother-in-law, meaning he never gets in the way of my time with you! Happy Birthday Derrick and oh yeah, your card is in the mail . . .

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