On Monday, the kids were home from school for the long weekend. I decided that since we had a wide open day I would let them entertain themselves while I treated it as another Saturday, since I have about ninety-six Saturdays’ worth of work to do as I try to get settled in our new house.  In my mind’s eye, the children would be pleasantly (and quietly) engaged in their rooms while I happily cranked out my long list of to-dos.  Sunday night, I envisioned my glorious Second Saturday and just knew I was going to:

  • Wake at 5:30 to hit the gym for weights and cardio
  • Re-re-organize the pantry (third time’s the charm)
  • Clean and organize the study, which will (fingers crossed) become a music and reading room one day
  • Return all Christmas presents that don’t fit/weren’t liked/have already broken
  • Purchase replacement presents that do fit/are liked/are not broken
  • Put away the rest of the bonus room
  • Finish big, big pile of laundry (ironing, too.)
  • Here is what I actually accomplished on Monday:

  • Got out of bed at eight o’clock.  (yes.  eight o’ clock.)
  • Brushed my teeth
  • Exchanged pajama bottoms for jeans (left tee and sweatshirt I’d slept in intact.)
  • Put on a hat
  • Took the kids ice skating
  • Had neighborhood kids over to play and eat tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • Sat and talked with my sister in the kitchen
  • And to stifle any rumors:  I did manage to put on a bra.  I thought this was a pretty classy move on my part, seeing as no one notices when I forego it.

    6 thoughts on “I’ll come back as Type A in my next life.

    1. You are so fun to read, Jen! Zack told me about your toasted cheesers and tomato soup…he thought that was awesome! And…btw…you ALWAYS look cute!

    2. I know what you’re saying, Jen. I always set myself up for failure with my massively long lists. I do think taking your kids ice skating is more important than reorganizing the pantry, but now it still has to be done, doesn’t it? That’s the bummer of blowing of the to-do’s. They just don’t go away! I’m just commiserating with you – no real help or insight here. Not that you were looking for any (wow i’m babbling). But I’m glad you had a fun day and you have to know that you are one of the best moms I know!

    3. You know you had tooooo many things on that first list, right? Hee, hee. I LOVE your second list. It sounds much more eternally focused than the first. Who is ever going to remember your clean pantry or perfectly organized office? Your kids WILL remember you took them ice skating. 😉 You are doing just fine.

    4. I bet that will be a good memory for your kids to have. Mom tossing the list aside and enjoying what is in front of her! My mom and I are both list ladies, and some of my favorite moments are when the list’s were forgotten.
      Monday was a relaxing day for me as well. In fact my bra stayed in the drawer all day

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