Child:      Mom, what are sects?

Me:         Sects?

Child:     Yeah, sects. What are they?

Me:         Well, um, they’re different groups of the same church, located in various regions of the country and…

Child:     No, Mom, what are sects??

Me:         I’m explaining it to you, honey.

Child:     No.  I keep hearing kids talk about “sects” on the playground.  What are they?



Me:          We’ll talk about it later.

8 thoughts on “Worst conversation ever.

  1. NaDell, thanks for reading! I am honored to have a Ransom reading my blog–I absolutely, positively adore your family (esp. Shirley–how much fun is she?) I think we’ve actually met a few times at Shirley’s? I know I’ve seen your darling kids before, and heard about them a lot–Shirley is a proud grandma! Now I’m off to check out your blog…

  2. I’m Shirley’s daughter in law….Maybe he was talking about in(sects)???? Maybe? I’m loving your blog. People keep directing me to it and I didn’t even know it was written by someone local. We have many common friends.

  3. This has been on my To Do List for about 9 months now: buy sex book for Chase. Every time I write it I feel perverted and weird and I know I’m just subconsciously putting it off. I can’t believe kindergarteners are talking about it already. Chase is in 3rd grade, though. What am I doing? Just have the talk already! Me – not you. Ethan is way too young. Dodge the subject at all costs!!

  4. Did you die or what??? My daughter doesn’t want to talk about anything. I don’t know why she’s so embarrassed (well I do, it’s just embarrassing) but I guess I should be happy about that. We have a family at school by the last name of Seck. The other day I said, “Oh I think that’s the Seck’s car.” No matter how I tried to say it, it sounded the same. My girls thought that was just hilarious.

  5. This conversation doesn’t have to be awkward at all. When I was in 3rd grade my mom chose a night when my dad and 3 brothers were out of the house. She had a couple different books and we went through them together. She gave me the books and told me if I had any questions just ask. Sex has been something I’ve always felt comfortable talking to my mom about because she explained it to me in a very normal way. No storks, birds/bees, or any other story….just the facts 🙂
    Good luck!

  6. Those “talks” are the best, (said with complete sarcasm). Try having to do one with Riley one night, and another one with Mitch the next. Riley wouldnt make eye contact and Mitch just laughed through the whole thing. I don’t think either one was successful. Let me know how your’s goes and maybe you can give my kids a refresher course. Good luck! Btw, was this your #2 or #3 child?

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